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Brad McLeod
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  1. hey brad, my name is Levi Hall, im from Florence Al, ive been incorporating your warmups into my training routine, and im very interested in following your daily wod on But my question is this…are all of the wods that follow the warmup always bodyweight wods, or do you ever incorporate other lifts with a extra weight…such as thrusters, snatch, cleans, squats, ect…..? my goal is to one day win a regional and compete in the crossfit games. im 6’3 195lbs, 7-9%BF. ive been following crossfit for over a year now and sealfit for the past few months now and im really liking what i see on your website. your help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

    sincerely, Levi

  2. Levi:
    Great to hear from you.
    Many of the wods we do are bodyweight exercises. We occasionally throw in kettlebells and sometimes tire drags and tire flips.

    Many of the workouts we do are muscle endurance and not pure strength. To train for Special Forces you need more muscle endurance/cardio than power/strength.

    What is interesting about the first 2 CrossFit WOD’s for the CF Games – is that they are also muscle endurance and cardio. I also compete in the Garage Games and CF Games in the masters division. I do train strength on the side — but believe that more muscle endurance/cardio is needed.

    So — the SGPT workouts will supplement your strength/power days (deadlifts, squat, cleans, etc.) and make you a better athlete for your CrossFit workouts.

    Hit me with an email and we can discuss it more —

    Train Hard!

    Brad McLeod

  3. Brad,

    I was looking at the WOD are you requiring that I should follow the warm ups, WOD, and then the pm exercise? Isn’t that over training?

    1. Trav:
      It depends on your fitness level. We have some athletes that blitz through the workouts with ease. Others struggle with the first warmup. We try to work with each athlete (that ask) and help them set goals and work their way up the workouts.
      Feel free to email me or post up a comment
      Train Hard!

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