SGPT Navy SEAL Mind + Body Workout Coaching program

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Do you want to build a body like a Navy SEAL?

Lean and mean and ready for anything at anytime?

Are you tired in the afternoon and don’t have the energy to workout?

Want to find out how to reverse that and have energy to burn?

Are you looking to build confidence to reach your goals?

Do you want to be lean and mean and ready to go the long haul?

Check out the solution with the
Navy SEAL Mind + Body Workout program

#1. Email sent to you daily

#2. Evaluation/ photo and weigh in

#3. Navy SEAL daily workout, nutrition tips, motivational / mental edge info.

#4. Train for GORUCK, Spartan Race, BUDS, Special Forces – we are here to win!

#5. Facebook group (private) for accountability and daily tips

I went through Navy SEAL BUDS training twice and know exactly how to train to get you through BUD/S, GORUCK, Spartan Race and SEALFIT Kokoro.

only $29 for a full month (less than $1 a day) of emails sent right to your phone or home computer. Sign up HERE:

If you don’t build lean muscle, improve your scores or grow 1% daily – then you can cancel at end of the month and I will refund all of your money.

You have nothing to lose Рyou will be out ZERO dollars!

You will be sent an evaluation and welcome to the group to enter into our private Facebook group for accountability.

The next 24 hours you will receive your next email with a workout and nutrition tips.

Join us and be accountable and get the Mind + Body edge you need.

Ruck/ backpack
pull up bar (or access to one in the local park)

Questions? Email

SGPT Athlete Brad Miller

using the SGPT workout and coaching program

He dropped his Helen workout time from 25:56 to
14:36! That is a reduction of over 10 minutes.

Cindy workout Dec 2016 he completed 8 rounds
a month later he completed 12 rounds. That is a 25% increase in the number of rounds.

Do you want to see your pull-ups increase and get faster on your runs?

This is the program for you.

Question: Hey sir. I’m in the Army and the idea of going to Ranger school has always been there but the programs that I have read are hours long and I already pt every morning for the Army( granted its not always a effective workout more just maintenance). How long are the workouts in your program? Thanks for all the help!

Answer: Good to hear from you, Cody. The workouts are 30 minutes to an hour but in order to do well in Ranger school you will need to do more on the weekends. We only have a few spots left. One of our instructors is a RASP graduate and part of a Ranger Battalion. We look forward to helping you.

Question: Hey Coach Brad. My name is Cory. I’m interested in the navy seal mind and body program that you link to in this email. I was hoping you could tell me a little more about it? What kind of workouts I would be doing and what equipment I would need? I am a beginner to working out and also wanted to know before I purchase it if this would be something that would work for me? I’m training for the Spartan races. I have signed up for 5 races starting in March of 2017. Thank you Brad for any advice you can give me.

Answer: good to hear from you Cory

The only equipment you would need would be a pull up bar, ruck/backpack (which you can also use as a sandbag).

We would be psyched to have you and help you complete all of your Spartan Races

Let me know when you sign up and I will send you a free SGPT audio bundle ($27 value)


Brad McLeod is married with two kids and an all around average family guy. His SGPT motivational audios have been downloaded in 30 countries around the world.

He grew up in Tallahassee, Florida and despite training all the wrong ways – made it to Navy SEAL training in Coronado, California.

He flunked out of Navy SEAL BUD/S training after making it over half way through (6 months of grueling training). After a year in the Fleet Navy on the USS Cleveland (LPD-7) he came back to graduate BUDS and serve on SEAL Team Four.

His story is simple–Don’t Ever Quit on your Dream! Put one foot in front of the other and fall forward.

Proceeds from this website go to help raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.


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