CrossFit Mobility Workouts

Kenneth Leverich CrossFit StatsLets face it… CrossFit workouts are hard. In order to combat the daily work load and stress from load – we need to warmup and cool down with good CrossFit mobility workouts.

It is recommended to spend 10 plus minutes to warmup with a mobility workout before you begin to hit it hard with full intensity in the main workout.

This is a great time for movement and to mix it up with different variations of moves.

Check out these videos, workouts and tips to help your body recover and function better over the long haul.

Video – Super Squat Hip Sequence pre-workout with Kelly Starrett

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CrossFit Mobility Workout #1
jog forward 100 meters
jog backwards 100 meters
side to side jog 100 meters
PVC pipe shoulder rolls – 10
leg swings – 10 each leg side to side then 10 forward backward
lunge (split squats) – 10 each leg slowly

Tip #1
Use voodoo floss to wrap areas as needed.

Video – Hip Rotations – Improve Squat Posture, Mobility, and Depth

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Workout #2
high knee jog 100 meters
high heels jog 100 meters
side to side jog 100 meters
karaoke jog 50 meters
rotational squat – 10
deep squat sit 2 min (beginner) 4 min (int) 6 plus (advanced)
Wall slides – 10

Tip #2
Foam roll before and after workout. Hydrate your body before and after workouts.

Video – CrossFit – “Squatting to Restore Spinal Motion and to Poop” with Kelly Starrett

Workout #3
jog 100 meters forward
jog 100 meters backward
lateral squat to side – 10
rotational squat – 10
sit on floor and twist spine right and left (10 each side)
standing then knee forward – 10
PVC pipe shoulder mobility – 10
PVC pipe bully stretch – 5 each arm

Tip #3
Use fish oil and eat a good meal with lean meats and vegetables to help your body recover.

Video Muscle Stiffness and Athlete Mobility by KStarr

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