Top 10 Foam Rollers

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Are you needing to take care of your body better?

Why should you foam roll? It breaks up scar tissue and lengthens the muscle.

This is good news if you want to help repair your body and be durable for the long haul.

Check out this list of the best foam rollers along with videos to help you learn this technique.

#10 X Extra Firm TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller
This is the one that will do it for you, I had the cheap foam rollers before.., after awhile they are all soft, no matter what they say about density…
The is rock solid, I mean quality wise, I have it now for a year or so, I use it every day and looks like I just bought it.
It is not too hard, not to soft perfect for my taste.

#9 OPTP Roller
This roller is not too soft and not too hard, it is just perfect. When I got it out of the box and squeezed it I thought they sent a regular roller at first! Even putting full weight on it it does not compress significantly and still rolls. This performs like a regular roller with a layer of cushioning, and since a regular roller is too painful for me this is just the ticket. (Hint for the wimpy: For those really tender spots use this roller on the bed to begin with.) There are many videos on YouTube with good exercises and I heartily recommend this roller to get you started.

#8 Pro-Source
The ProSource foam roller is great! It is very firm and great for rolling out sore spots and stretching. I use the ProSource High Density Extra Firm after working out and when my muscles are really sore.

I purchased the 36″ one because it allows me to lay on it in a parallel orientation to my spine and also support my head at the same time. The size makes this foam roller difficult to maneuver at times and not travel friendly. If you’re looking for a cheap and firm foam roller, pick this one!

I like the size of the Muscle Mauler where transportation is concerned. It fits nicely into my gym bag. Where I have an average to small frame, I was able to roll out all over with no problem. The Muscle Mauler may not be wide enough for a person with a medium to large frame (unless of course it is offered in different widths/lengths).
I have used another roller with very firm nubs (raised pressure points) and it actually hurt, too much to bear. The Master of Muscle mauler roller is a bit softer and feels much better on my muscles. I did have trouble feeling the nubs on my back, I felt like I was squishing them flat.

I loved the eBook. I read through it and tried all of the exercises after a long hard work out and it really helped A LOT. I focused a lot on my lats and found that I had greater mobility in my shoulders/scapula the next day.
I would definitely recommend this roller to my running and gym mates.

Video on Foam Roller Mistakes

#6 M80 roller
When I upped my weighlifting routine and started building more mass regularly, I found my old foam roller (a very soft “standard” roller) was no longer providing me with enough strength to work out my growing muscles. The M80 roller, which is much more firm than my old roller, was the right choice for my personal progress. The added firmness felt a bit too strong at first, but the grooves on the M80 Groove Massage Roller really do serve as an added massage element, and I very quickly got used to the added sensations. Adjusting the firmness of my roller helped me treat my sore muscles properly after tough days, and I find myself recovering much more quickly now that I have the proper equipment for my level. This roller is definitely not for people who are new to fitness or foam rolling, but is a great product for the intermediate fitness enthusiast.

#5 NewCell Integrate
Just recently I’ve hurt my muscles and I’ve had surgery on my knee. My PT recommended buying a roller. To be honest I was a bit shocked how expensive some of these could be. And then I’ve found the NewCell spiked roller, priced super reasonably. I’ve decided to give it a shot. Awesome! I had problems with swollen leg from micro (bone) bleeding past surgery, accompanied with painful muscle cramps.

Using NewCell roller and muscle relaxer I was free of pain in 4-5 days only. Highly recommended. Hope it helps you as much as it is helping me. Comes a bit on the firmer side. Keep on mind that within few days, of initial break-in period, it becomes a bit more manageable.

#4 AmazonBasics
After sustaining 9 spine fractures in 2011, and having 4 spine surgeries, muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain are a near constant. My physical therapy involves the use of a foam roller, but that has always been limited to my PT sessions at the clinic. It just never occurred to me to get one for home use before now.

The AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller is a wonderful way to help a person limber up at home, whether doing therapy for injuries, seeking relief following a hard workout, or simply wanting a massage and having no one available to oblige in giving one. I also imagine it would be a wonderful aid to many Yoga exercises.

The AmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller has been responsible for providing me a tremendous amount of relief. It gently stretches those portions of my spine that aren’t fused (most of my neck and upper back are fused), and massages and stretches my muscles, which have become highly reactive to any kind of tension and spasm on a daily basis. I find I now have greater mobility and less pain, and know that once this roller eventually wears out (hopefully a long time from now, but it will be getting a great deal of hard use)

#3 Rolling With It roller
I bought one of these after using them at a CrossFit gym. Gym had a 36 inch one, but I got the 13 inch one to save some space in my apartment. Even though some gyms will have foam rollers available in the building, having a foam roller at home is great for days when you’re a bit too sore to got to the gym or if you’re taking a rest day. As a university student, I make an effort to go to the gym every day, but some days school has to take priority. For me, I find the Rolling with It is perfect for relieving stress during study breaks.

A key thing to note is that this roller is advertised as HIGH DENSITY. So, the roll is going to be a bit stiffer than a cheaper roller. But, the density leads to a much deeper release for your muscles which I love after a hard workout or a long study session. Also, the density means it will probably last a lot longer than a cheaper roller, as well as support bigger individuals more. You get what you pay for, and this roller is more than worth it.

#2 Exous Bodygear Grid
Durable and strong
Hard foam that doesn’t give provides a better massage
Compact, light, easy to take with you
Video instructions on the best techniques are included
Money back guarantee

I wish each section was a little bit wider

Wow, wow, wow! This is one of the best foam rollers I have ever used. First of all, it arrived very quickly- several days before Amazon said it was going to be delivered. A “Quick Start Guide to Basic Movements’ sheet is included that explains the different zones of the roller and the uses of each. The roller is less than a foot long, and compact enough that it can fit into a duffel bag. You can easily take it with you and pull it out after your workout at the gym. I’ve also managed to pack this in my carry-on to take with me on vacation. The Exous Bodygear® Grid Foam Roller is lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable. The PVC pipe inside doesn’t budge when I have all my weight on it. Even the foam around the outside is strong. Many rollers I have had in the past were made with foam that would give quite a bit under your weight, and you couldn’t really get a full massage as a result. The hard foam of this roller allows you to better feel the trigger points and get a deeper massage.

The company also sends you a email with a pdf on how to get the most out of this foam roller. A professional shows you the best techniques to hit the correct trigger points. I thought I was in pretty good shape and use foam rollers often, but I really felt all the little spots and knots that the other rollers had missed! The only improvement I could think of was making each section of the roller a little bit wider since sometimes I can’t fit onto just one specific section.
I would definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone

#1 Ergonflow High Density
I review a lot of exercise equipment and gear, so when I was asked to examine this foam roller (free sample), I was delighted to check it out. I’ve been hearing about exercises and stretches using a roller for a while, but only when the foam roller arrived did I really do my homework and start working with the roll.

First, let me describe the Ergonflow roller itself: it’s roughly 3′ long and made of very solid foam. this is no pool noodle; instead, it takes a lot of pressure be even begin to bend it. The foam is not scratchy to the touch, but nice and smooth to the touch.

Exercises that utilize a foam roller tend to focus on controlled movements and core stregth. Of the many I’ve learned about online, the ones that have become a regular part of my routine include:

  1. Forward roll out: face down, arms in push-up position, roller under thighs at first then rolling out.
  2. Side rolls: one arm used as support, roller on thighs with slight side-dipping motion
  3. Ab rollers: lie on back in sit-up position, but with roller at comfortable point in mid back. Roll the roller slightly down on back, maintaining position.

As I mentioned, there are many more exercises and movements that you can do with this foam roller. I find that it’s a good physical reminder, in my workout room, of some of the core-stregth exercises that can be easy to neglect.

No review would be complete without a short list of alternative uses:

  1. Water floatation device (a.k.a. pool noodle on steroids)
  2. Bed or couch bolster; you could easily sew a cover for this foam roller
  3. Slip it under the sheet of your young child’s bed, and it works well as a bumper, keeping him or her from rolling out of bed
  4. Foam roller fight! Great for thumping on one another with.

#1 LuxFit Premium High Density

Question: When should you roll? Right before you workout or right after your workout.

Question: My friend has a Layer 8 Full Body Massage Roller Stick are those any good?

Answer: If you look on it has 1 good 5 star review.

Question: Have you ever tried the layer 8 performance roller?

Answer: I have not personally but we have it on our list to review. Stay tuned to this page as we will add info.

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