Navy SEAL-Approved Mobility Tools Foam Rollers, Bands and Massage Balls

Navy SEAL-Approved Mobility Tools Foam Rollers, Bands and Massage Balls


If you have ever followed an intense training program you know the importance of stretching and recovery. Being mobile and flexible are keys to optimum performance. Keys to improving mobility and flexibility is making sure you use the proper tools and use them correctly every day.


Tools of the trade: Foam Roller

Are you looking for relief for sore muscles after an intense workout?

Foam Rolling is ideal for athletes that train hard and is perfect for use after high intensity exercise. Foam rollers are ideal for myofascial release, an easy-to-do form of self-massage aimed at alleviating pain and muscle tension.



WODFitters Foam Roller for Trigger Point Massage and Recovery

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Mobility and flexibility allows an athlete or an operator to move feely and perform at optimal levels. If you are a functional athlete or Navy SEAL, you are constantly moving and using your body to it’s fullest potential.

You can easily improve mobility by spending 5 minutes a day stretching, rolling and massaging your muscles both before and after a workout.

Mobility is something you can not ignore. It prevents injuries, helps you recover faster from an injury and allows you to train at a higher level.


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