American Barbell Bumper Plate Review

Check out the reviews for the American barbell bumper plate and you decide which of their series you would like for your Garage Gym.

Color KG Series bumper plate Review by Sam Brent
I saw these at a friends gym and looked them up online.

We got a confirmation and they shipped in 3 days.

This was the best purchase I have made all year for our garage.

Good price and well made and cost less than Rogue.

They are super tough as a few of our guys get a little loose with the weights.

We had one bounce and roll into the cleaning supplies shelf and took it out.

Probably going to pick up another set as soon as we pool our money together for more gear.

Check out the Garage Gym gear deals @ American Barbell

Question: I am looking for a flat bench and squat rack  for my home garage.

Do you have any coupons or discounts for American Barbell gear like that?

Answer: Yes; if you go to the American website, type the word “sale” into the search tab up top and you can scroll easily and get the latest sale.

American Barbell is the Rogue killer bar

Color KG bumperplate review by H. Jones
I grabbed a set of these bumpers and they have been our go to bumper in he gym. Loving on the colors and they have just the right bounce if you do let go at too high.

We are going to order another set as we are moving the home shop and making more room in the garage.

Question: How easy are these bumpers to clean?

Answer: Very easy to clean as they have a smooth outside finish so easy to wipe down with a paper towel or rag.

Question: How can I find out more info about CrossFit competitions?

Answer: Check out the main CrossFit website here:

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