Box Weight Vest Reviews

Check out the review for the Box weighted vest and you decide if it is good enough for your workouts.

Box Weighted Vest Review
box weight reviewsYes, it is not cheap. I was hesitant but the track record for the BOX weight vest is good. I bought it and I love it.

You get what you pay for with these. Yes, there is cheaper, but you sacrifice comfort and or ease of weight swapping. This is easy to switch and comfortable.

I needed this for work and it did exactly what he was looking for. I really appreciate the equal distributed weight for both the back and front. Also enjoyed that the weights were removable, and was able to steadily increase the weight needed at my own pace. The BOX weight vest was exactly as described from the Box.

I got tired of using plates/kettlebells coupled with belts when doing dips and pull-ups so I started investigating vests. I came across this model and went with the 45# variant and am very glad I did. The flexibility of the weight and the comfort/ease is better than any other vest I’ve used in the crossfit boxes I’ve worked out in.

However, to give it a TRUE test I went running on a 5 mile loop to test the “bounce” with 10#. There was very little movement from the vest and a little bit of chaffing on my shoulders (looked like dry skin, no rub burns or any pain from it). Compared to the other horrific pictures I had viewed I can honestly say I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone. There are a lot of options out there but I would recommend this to anyone who is taking a serious look at weighted vests for any sort of workout.

If the price point is too high, make sure you do your research… I found that vests could vary as much as 60-70 bucks cheaper and 100 bucks more. However, this vest routinely got the highest marks for durability, comfort, and ease of use.

Question: Which do you prefer with the Box vs Mir weighted vest? Both are high quality. You need to try each one on as everyone’s body is different. That said, you can’t go wrong with either.

Question: Where can I find out more info about CrossFit competitions? Check out the CF main website here:

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