Fringesport OFW Squat Pull-Up Rack Review

The OneFitWonder Squat Rack with Pullup Bar is the best value squat rack + pullup bar setup on the market today.

This rack is built to withstand all your WODing demands- kip away on the pullup bar, squat and press with ease from the UHMW-coated adjustable J-Hooks, and even store your bumper plates on the floor-mounted weight horns.

The OFW rack setup accepts optionalÌ_safety bars for squatting or bench press.

Fringesport squat pull up rack review by David B:
This is the quality I’ve come to expect from Fringe Sport. The squat rack + pull-up bar is about 6 inches taller than my garage door when it is up, but is the perfect height for pull-ups and built from quality materials. The uprights will wobble very slightly left and right, but as squat racks go, it is very sturdy. The footprint is very ideal as well, lending itself to those who want to save space without sacrificing stability.

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Fringesport squat pull up rack review
This was the most economical squat rack I could find with a pull-up bar; I’m glad I went with this one. The OFW squat rack was $429. As far as stability, it’s just like the video FS posted. With the bumpers on, it’s stays in place fine doing kipping pull-ups. Since it’s lighter though, be careful racking a huge load, b/c the barbell will almost bounce back at you if you don’t rack it under control. Well worth the price.

OFW Squat Pullup Rack Review
I was amazed at how fast this shipped. I had it in just a couple of days and it was well packed ready to be assembled. The directions were laid out kind of like an Ikea project but truthfully it was simple to put together. This thing is solid. I was looking at the OFW squat pull up rack and the Rogue S-2 and have no regrets. The footprint is big enough that it helps prevent wobble when you are kipping and it is sturdy enough to hold heavy weight without making you nervous. Great addition to my garage gym.

Question: What are comparisons with the Fringesport squat rack vs Rogue Fitness S1 rack? Both of these racks are similar in concept in that they allow you to squat and do pull-ups or ring work on the same rig.

Question: Where can I find out more info on CrossFit competition? Check out the CF main website here:

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