Garage Gym Pull Up Systems

Putting together equipment to make the killer CrossFit garage gym can be exciting and kind of confusing.

So many choices to make with all the different gear out there. One thing is sure with a garage gym – you will definetly need a pull-up system. I have been working out for the last decade in my home garage and just wanted to pass on a few tips and reviews of some great gear.

Check out this article by Greg Amundsen on “Building a Garage Gym“. This article was my inspiration to build a Crossfit gym in my garage.

Here is a review of several of the top bombproof systems to trick out your garage gym and have a kick butt garage pull up bar.

Check out this CrossFit pull-up workout that we do in my garage gym when I am short on time. Simple stuff.

CrossFit Workout #1
100 pull-ups for time.

You should rock this workout in under 10 minutes. Get on it and feel the burn.

Another Garage Gym Pull Up Systems that works well is the Rogue Fitness Individual Garage Gym Pull up Systems (or IPS, as it’s known around the Rogue Fitness Compound) which allows pull-ups to be performed anywhere you can get the straps over. In my garage I use the rafters up above which are plenty strong.   Using the same pair of 1.5” wide 16 foot straps that come standard on the 9Rogue Fitness Rings, setup and teardown takes a few seconds.

The bar is hand built in the US from steel and coated using the same multi-stage process that gives the Rogue Fitness Rings their distinctive and now famous feel. You can also hang a set of rings from the bar and work out on those too.

In the garage gym, another workout that I look to do is this CrossFit style workout.

CrossFit Workout #2
3 rounds for time
15 ring pushups
15 burpees
20 situps
This one is quick and down and dirty and you can easily do it with a Garage Gym Pull Up Systems to hang your rings.

Another system is called the Sorinex Base Fit Rack System and was inspired from the Base Camp design and is built specifically with Military, Police, Firefighters, Rescue Services, and CrossFit in mind. The unique design of the BaseFit rack make it infinitely expandable in any direction. The BaseFit Double Diamondback Unit Is two 4 foot by 4 foot racks that are connected and can be configured many different ways.

Check out this recommendation from Dave Castro, head honcho at CrossFit training talking about the Sorinex BaseFit.
“I have not seen many great contributions to the CrossFit community in the realm of gear. But when I first saw the BaseFit system I thought wow, this is truly an innovative piece of gear for CrossFit. The versatility, function, and ease of use make this a great addition to any new affiliate or current affiliate looking to upgrade their pullup and rack system. I highly recommend this.”
Dave Castro
CrossFit Director of Training.

Another really quick CrossFit pull-up workout I like to do in my garage gym is —

GI Jane workout
100 Burpee Pull-ups for time.

This workout will put your potatoes on the boil. If you want to try a workout that will work your whole body then try this one.

Here is another CrossFit pull-up workout that I love.

CrossFit workout – Angie
for time
100 pull-ups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 airsquats

You should have a time under 25 minutes and shoot for under 20 minutes

Here is a great list of additional pull-up workouts.
SGPT pull-up workouts
Pullup ladder
Walking lunge + pullups
GI Jane
HSPU + Pullups

Look for the next review of garage gym Pull up systems with comments on The Stud bar and a variety of other pull-up systems.

CrossFit Workout – Nicole
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes
run 400 meters
max rep pull-ups
Your score is the number of pull-ups completed for each round

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What is the best pull up bar system? What about the titan pull up bar vs rogue pull up bar? I would say Rogue Fitness or Stud Bar. When you compare stud bar vs rogue you will see that they are very similar. Stud bar is $128 while the rogue bar is $145. Rogue is going to cost more just for the name. Another bar we like is by Titan.

Where can I learn more about CrossFit? Check out the website here:

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