Inov8 335 vs Adidas Powerlift 4.0 shoes

Check out the reviews and videos for the Inov8 fastlift 335  vs Adidas Powerlift 4.0 shoes and you be the judge if they are good enough for your lifts.

Both the Inov8 335 and the Adidas Powerlift shoes are popular choices among weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. While both shoes are designed to provide stability and support during weightlifting exercises, there are some key differences worth considering. Let’s compare and review them:


Inov8 335: These shoes feature a low-profile design with a minimalistic approach. They are lightweight and have a flexible construction, allowing for natural foot movement.
Adidas Powerlift: The Powerlift shoes have a more traditional weightlifting shoe design. They feature a higher heel height and a bulkier construction for maximum stability and support.


Inov8 335: The shoe offers a good balance of stability and flexibility. The wide toe box provides ample room for toe splay, while the secure fit and firm outsole ensure stability during heavy lifts.
Adidas Powerlift: These shoes excel in providing stability. They have a raised heel that promotes proper lifting form and a solid base for enhanced support. The strap across the midfoot offers additional security.

Heel Height and Lifting Performance:

Inov8 335: The shoe has a lower heel height, which makes it suitable for athletes who prefer a flatter platform during lifts like deadlifts and squats. It allows for a more grounded feel and better engagement of leg muscles.
Adidas Powerlift: With a higher heel height, the Adidas Powerlift 4.0 shoes are ideal for athletes who benefit from an elevated heel position. This feature aids in achieving deeper squats and supporting ankle mobility during various exercises.


Inov8 335: The shoes are well-constructed and durable, with high-quality materials that can withstand regular use.
Adidas Powerlift: Adidas is known for producing durable athletic footwear, and the Powerlift shoes are no exception. They are built to withstand heavy lifting sessions and are designed for long-lasting performance.


Inov8 335: In general, Inov8 shoes tend to be priced in the mid-range, offering a good balance between quality and affordability.
Adidas Powerlift: Adidas Powerlift shoes are typically priced slightly higher than the Inov8 335 due to the brand’s reputation and the shoe’s features.


Ultimately, the choice between the Inov8 335 and Adidas Powerlift shoes depends on individual preferences and needs. If you prioritize a minimalist design, flexibility, and a lower heel height, the Inov8 335 might be a better fit. However, if you require maximum stability, a higher heel height, and a more traditional weightlifting shoe design, the Adidas Powerlift shoes would be a suitable option. Consider factors such as your lifting style, foot shape, and budget to make an informed decision.


personally like these shoes make me feel like I am strapped to the floor. The first day I wore them I added 20 lbs to my front squat PR. But, the PR was from a one rep max and that first day in these shoes we did a 3 second hold at the bottom followed by one more normal front squat, boom! I added 20lbs about three weeks after that PR. In addition, my deads are stronger, snatches feel better, and even wall balls get love.

I did run 200 meters in the Inov-8 Fastlift 335 Cross-Training Shoe and it wasn’t too bad, I wouldn’t run much further in them. Another bonus is these shoes will help your deep squat mobility. They are not simply a cheat or crutch. For example, if I put these on and sit in a deep squat it’s much easier than in my nanos but also perfect form. If I use theses for a workout that is squat intensive I am able to egg low and have perfect form. But, it’s as if my body is learning from that correct form. After one of those workouts I will put my nanos back on and will be able to squat with perfect form whereas that was not possible before I got these shoes. Get them, you will not regret it.


This is my first pair of Weightlifting shoes, and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to improve their lifts. Over the past two weeks I’ve had them I’ve done squats, cleans, jerks, push presses, overhead squats, snatches, and bench with them. Feel really great on high-bar squats, a little weird for low-bar (might be just my technique, but I felt like I was pushed too far forward). The main attraction is how stable you feel in them as compared to regular tennis shoes, feels like your feet are melded to the ground.
Overall, the shoes are amazing.

I feel so much better squatting in these than in Chuck’s or any normal sneakers. They are COMFORTABLE. I am size 10 1/2, with wide feet. For Chuck’s I need to go 11 1/2, but at that size they look like clown shoes and STILL feel a little narrow. I got the Adidas Powerlift 4.0 Trainer Shoe in 11, and they fit PERFECTLY. Seriously, even my perfectly fitted NB 10 1/2 EE running shoes don’t feel as amazing as these. The inside is soft and comfortable. I also like the Reebok weightlifting shoe. I still prefer Chucks for deadlifting, but I will never squat again without these amazing shoes.
$135 retail.

If you’re looking for a great lifting shoe but don’t want to blow a ton of money, these are an excellent option.

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