Legend Fitness GHD Reviews

legend ghd reviewsIf you are looking to develop your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings and lower back) then you need to get in some GHD (Glute Ham Developer) workouts.

Develop strength where it really matters with one of the industry’s leading glute/ham developers: the Legend Fitness 3130. A perennial best seller, the 3130 makes lots of friends as a result of its robust construction and incredible value.

Video – Legend Fitness Glute/Hamstring Station Reviews

Check out the FringeSport OFW Glute Ham Developer – HERE

Legend Pro Series Review
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
Solid. A pretty solid piece of stout equipment that we use daily in our garage gym. We give the Legend Pro a five star review from all the athletes at our CrossFit box.
We bought a Yessis a few years back and it has outlasted all other similar pieces of gear in our large gym.

It gets daily use and we have had 300 lb guys working out on it with no wear or tear.

Would highly recommend the Yessis Glute Ham Back Machine
as an addition to a top notch gym.

Video – Legend Fitness Glute/Hamstring Station Reviews

Legend Varsity GHD review by BT:
Got the Varsity all set up and it feels great doing sit-ups and back raises. We shopped around a lot of knew that we wanted the Legend name on our gear as we trust it. Got this for $929 which is a deal.

Question: What about the Rogue Abram vs Legend GHD? The Legend is top quality. Rogue is good but you are paying extra just for the brand name.

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