RockTape Review

We just tried out RockTape at our CrossFit gym and wanted to post up some notes about the product and how you can use it in your CrossFit workouts to protect your body.

RockTape review
I am a runner, and have been taping my torn achilles tendon for close to a year. I have used KT tape, Kineseo Tape and now Rocktape. I resisted buying it at $20 a roll, but it is SO much better than the others. Because I wear each “taping” for 4 days at a time, the fact that Rocktape is MUCH more sticky and stretchy makes a huge difference! The other brands tend to roll and split pretty easily….especially the KT tape. The Rocktape stayed on my leg and ‘held’ (with more support and compression) for 5 days….and then I just took it off; all the other brands would have come off by themselves.

Video – RockTape for CrossFit

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RockTape review by RDW:
stays on for at least 4 days and is slightly porous so that you can put a topical cream over tape. Tape stretches @180º – important cause skin will stretch @160º, RockTape works perfect for protecting the hands on CrossFit pull ups and helping to repair /rehab your body between workouts. It stays on during the workout even if your sweating hard.

RockTape – How does it work

Check out Rocktape Active-Recovery Tape @

Rocktape Kinesiology Tape review
Okay so I buy some Rock Tape from a local Chiropractor and it does not work worth a damn so I e-mail company and tell them that while the tape did not work the idea was great. I explained to them that I was not looking for any freebees or a t-shirt or anything else…I just wanted to give them feed back so they could improve the product. To my surprise they e-mailed me right back (within minutes) and then sent me a replacement roll. To my surprise the replacement roll worked well. Better than expected actually. The original roll must have been old or got too hot or too cold or something because it was not as sticky as the replacement roll. At any rate, the new RockTape worked really really well.

So to sum up, I give this product 5 stars for working well and I give the company an A+ on customer service and ease of use. They have earned themselves a loyal customer. I will now recommend Rock Tape to all my athlete friends.

Question: Where can I find out more info on CrossFit? Check out the CrossFit website here:

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