CrossFit Kettlebell Workouts and Tips

Kettlebells are the bomb for a great workout. Kettlebells will burn calories by the truck load and get your heart rate up in the triple digits.

If improving cardiovascular fitness is your bag then hold on tight and build your core strength and muscular endurance.

Kettlebells also improve awareness of your body, coordination and posture. These all help prevent injuries and make the body function and move more effectively.

However, kettlebells can be intimidating and tricky to master. Below are a few tips if you are looking to begin or advance your kettlebell practice.

Video – CrossFit Kettlebell tips

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Starting Off With Kettlebells

Doing a kettlebell exercise correctly involves many subtle but very important elements. Making mistakes can lead toserious injury, so it is important to master basic movements before advancing to more elaborate exercises. One of the most foundational kettlebell exercises is the swing. Prepare for this by practicing a basic dead-lift movement, and make sure you can keep your weight in your heels and your back straight.

You should then master the swing before taking on more advanced variations.

Workout #1
3 rounds for time
400 meter run
15 kettlebell swings at 55 lbs
12 pullups

Question: What is a good kettle bell to purchase if I am just starting out?

Answer: The first kettle bell that I bought was the Ader Premier Kettlebell- (8 Kg) for my home garage gym.

It was a great value and I still have it – it may last forever.

I don’t know how you can break it unless you drive over it with a tank.

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If your going to be throwing kettlebells around the gym your going to want to lay down a gym mat to protect the floor and your kettlebells.

Kettlebell Form is King
Excellent form is essential in all kettlebell exercises to assure both safety and maximum benefit. kettlebell exercises involve moving weight in a forceful and fast motion. Performing with bad form can be dangerous. Having good form is key. Work with a certified coach or trainer and have them show you the exercises and form. Start out your workouts with proper stretching and practice with lighter kettlebells. Have your trainer watch your form as you go through the warmup motions.

Fast and Slow Movements with High-Tension
Kettlebell training can be divided into two basic categories: ballistic movements and high-tension exercises.

Ballistic movements are fast, repetitive movements like the swing. High-tension exercises include variations on traditional weightlifting exercises, such as the military press, as well as unique kettlebell core stabilization exercises like the Turkish get-up. The two different types of exercises complement each other well, so use both in designing your workout.

Workout #2
5 rounds for time
800 meter run
30 kettlebell swings at 75 lbs.
30 pull-ups

Strong Core equals Strong Body
Your core is your primary support system for any kettlebell exercise. This includes your abdominals, latissimus dorsi (“lats”), gluteals and the various muscles of your hips and lower back. Developing a strong, stable core will make mastering the form and controlling the momentum or stability of your kettlebell exercises much easier.

Incorporate core exercises into your kettlebell workout by alternating a set of swings or a swing variation with a set of core work.

Get a Professional Kettlebell Trainer
Kettlebells can be a little tough to master. Many of the kettlebell exercises and the importance of near-perfect form, it is worthwhile to learn the kettlebell basics with guidance from a professional. As you become more advanced, a professional kettlebell instructor can help you maximize the value of your workout program and creatively integrate new exercises.

The Need for Speed
When mastering ballistic movements, momentum and speed are your friends. Your instincts may tell you to slow down when you are learning a new movement; this is actually more likely to compromise your form than help you learn. Choose a lighter weight instead, and don’t resist the speed of the bell.

Use Power Breathing
Breathing is a critical part of kettlebell exercises. Make sure you fully exhale, and time the force of your breath with your exertion of force on the bell. For instance, in a swing, inhale as the bell swings back toward you, and exhale quickly and forcefully as you drive your hips forward to swing the bell up.

Workout #3
100 KB Swings for time with a 55 lb. Kettlebell
post your times in the comments below

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