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Chad VaughnChad Vaughn is a renowned Olympic Weightlifter. He is a 2-time Olympian, 6-time National Champion, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk. Chad has been involved in CrossFit for the past year, and is CrossFit level 1 certified. He is currently preparing for qualification for the 2012 Olympics.

Chad Vaughn Statistics
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 77kg (170 lbs)
Age: 30
Place of Residence: Florence, TX
Training Facility: My shed/Crossfit Austin/TruEffort Training Center
Coach/Trainer: Self, assisted by Jodi Vaughn (wife) and Ursula Garza
Occupation: Trainer
Studying: Life

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I partnered with Progenex simply because of the science behind their products. As an athlete I want any supplement that I take to be as absorbable as possible and as high quality as possible and in regards to that, Progenex makes perfect sense to me. Also, as a 77kg Weightlifter I like to stay at around 79 or 79.5kg for strength and recovery purposes. Lately, like most other cycles, I struggle to maintain 78 or 78.5kg. With Progenex I noticed just a few weeks after starting to take it, that it helped me to inch up to that 79-79.5kg that I want to be. Progenex has been the only change in my diet and though it may not seem like much of a difference, those few pounds go a long way especially for my recovery.After using both the Recovery and More Muscle for about 3 months, I have experienced a positive change that has altered my recovery time and regimen.

I used to take regular ice baths, at least a couple per week, just from a strong feeling of needing one and out of almost desperation to be as ready as possible for the next heavy workout. In the months since taking Progenex, I have not at all felt the need to take a single ice bath and haven’t. I’m sure I would see even greater benefit from adding them back into my routine, but I love that I would now be jumping in the ice for EXTRA recovery, rather than necessary recovery!

I use the “more muscle” mixed with the “recovery” right after any workout. Also, as recommended for extra recovery/growth, I take a serving of the “more muscle” first thing in the morning. This is one of the things that I have come to like most about the Progenex as especially the mornings after a heavy workout, I will usually be very hungry and to be able to just shake up the Progenex and get that good quality protein in is fulfilling and beneficial. Don’t have to wait to prepare something or worry about eating something quick and probably less than optimal.

Inspiration: To be the best I can be, to lift the most weight I can possibly lift, to stack as many titles on my resume as possible to show and prove, with my story, to anyone who may pay attention that it doesn’t matter where you come from or whatever other cards you were dealt in life, we are all capable of great, amazing things.

Chad Vaughn Statistics
Deadlift: 400×10
Squat: 400×10
Snatch: 150kg (330 lbs)
Squat Clean: 190kg (418 lbs)
Power Clean: 150kg (330 lbs)
Clean & Jerk: 190kg (418 lbs)

Typical Training Week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Example: Current Competition Phase Workout/ Monday=heavy jerk off rack, light snatch, medium clean or snatch pull, light front squat — Wednesday=heavy snatch, medium/heavy clean and jerk, heavy clean dead lift, heavy front squat, medium back squat — Thursday= light technique/speed work — Saturday=medium/heavy snatch, heavy clean and jerk, heavy snatch dead lift, heavy back squat, medium front squat

Nutrition: No specific diet just common sense with a few supplements such as extra protein, creatine, glutamine, fish oil, garlic, probiotics.

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 2-Time Olympian, 6-Time National Champ, US Record Holder 77kg Clean & Jerk


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