Christy Phillips CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Christy Phillips CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile
Age 25
Weight 130
Height 5′ 4″
From Braintree, MA
Current Residence Washington, DC
Began Crossfit Fall 2007
Affiliate: CrossFit MPH

Weightlifting Stats
Squat 230
Front Squat 200
Clean & Jerk 185
Snatch 135
Deadlift 325
Press 105

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WOD Times
Fran 3:31
Helen 8:07
Grace 2:47
Filthy 50 18:31
FGB 363
Pullups 36
400m 1.01
5k 21:00
500m Row 1:43
2000m Row 7:47
Favorite Girl Helen
Least Favorite Girl Fran

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Competition Standings
2009 6th Place CrossFit Games
2010 6th Place CrossFit Games
Sectionals, Regionals or Other Notable Mentions
2008 Albany East Coast Challenge 1st Place
2009 Mid-Atlantic Hopper 1st Place
2009 Mid-Atlantic Qualifier 1st Place
2010 CrossFit Regionals 1st Place

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She was voted one of the 10 hottest Crossfit girls.

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