Christy Phillips CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Age 25
Weight 130
Height 5′ 4″
From Braintree, MA
Current Residence Washington, DC
Began Crossfit Fall 2007
Affiliate: CrossFit MPH

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Weightlifting Stats
Squat 230
Front Squat 200
Clean & Jerk 185
Snatch 135
Deadlift 325
Press 105

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WOD Times
Fran 3:31
Helen 8:07
Grace 2:47
Filthy 50 18:31
FGB 363
Pullups 36
400m 1.01
5k 21:00
500m Row 1:43
2000m Row 7:47
Favorite Girl Helen
Least Favorite Girl Fran

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Competition Standings
2009 6th Place CrossFit Games
2010 6th Place CrossFit Games
Sectionals, Regionals or Other Notable Mentions
2008 Albany East Coast Challenge 1st Place
2009 Mid-Atlantic Hopper 1st Place
2009 Mid-Atlantic Qualifier 1st Place
2010 CrossFit Regionals 1st Place

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She was voted one of the 10 hottest crossfit girls.

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