Hillacious Event Challenges CrossFit Crew

On July 17th the Hillacious CrossFit competition kicked in. As part of the Garage Games and hosted by CrossFit Dahlonega the event lived up to it’s name – with hills, steep hills and long hills. Did I mention there were hills?

Although the weather was hotter than Georgia asphalt earlier in the week- nice weather rolled in and cooled things off with a light mist and nice temps. The setting was the Yahoola Creek park (located on Captain McDonald road) in Dahlonega.

The comp started off with a bang. The first workout set the tone with a 200 meter row to steep hill climb. After clawing your way over the top of the hill you picked up and threw a stone over a rope at head high.  This tough course was performed for 3 rounds and had everyones attention early.

Workout 2 was a zinger. The CF Dahlonega crew is always creative with designing workouts – so they again score points with this concoction. Competitors carried five gallon buckets down a hill and scoop up water from stream. Then carry the heavy buckets (water sloshing everywhere) back up the muddy hill to fill a trash can to overflow. The athletes then sprint to a very steep hill and over a fence to 100 sledge hammer strikes. The CFD crew gets an A plus for “unique wod of the day”. The gasping tongues from the competitors probably concur.

Leading after two events Julie Lamy (scaled womens) explained that “the hill was challenging – steepness is an understatement”.

After a short break and refuel – workout number 3 was cued up. A longer endurance event – this wod entailed climbing a steep hill run to a 400 meter row. Then a really steep downhill run (think holding on to sapling trees and skittering sideways).  You then caught a little breather as you ran downhill and through the stream. After the stream cool off – you vaulted over two chest high barricades to 15 ground to overheads (GTO’s). Then back to running and a long gravel hill that seemed to never end. Up on top of hill you entered a gazebo for pull ups or 30 pushups (scaled). Then more trail running downhill to a stream swim finish.

Wow – now that’s a serious CrossFit WOD to test your mettle and fire in the belly.

On the second day everyone got underway with Wod 4 – 75 sledge hammer tire strikes. It looked easy but was anaerobic hell as you competed head to head.

Next up was Wod 5 which was longer and more power endurance. 15 ground to overhead (GTO) with 15 bar burpees to 30 clean and jerk to 30 bar burpees to 45 deadlifts to 45 bar burpees. This event was intense and a real body burner.

The last event was like something out of the Scottish Games. It started with an asphalt hill run to log flip and carry. Then a stone throw on the same course to 10 stone throws over a head high rope. Then sprint back to finish with the stone.

In the end the mens Rx winner was Travis Mayer of The Garage gym. Travis commented “this comp is all about pushing your body to the max and beyond. Great time.”

Darren Wood said “I thought the event was awesome and everyone had a good time”, said  volunteer Darren Wood of CrossFit Dahlonega.

Blake (owner of CrossFit Dahlonega) “We (CrossFit Dahlonega) feel extremely honored to be able to be a part of the Garage Games & an amazing community of athletes & just all around good people!  The individual performances at these events never ceases to amaze me & “Hilacious” was no exception!  I can not think of any other place than a CF Comp where you can witness people giving so much heart & effort.  This goes for competitors & volunteers alike.”

Hats off to CF Dahlonega for a great, interesting comp and awesome volunteers.

Sponsors for the CrossFit Dahlonega – Garage Games Hillacious event were Again Faster, The Garage gym, CrossFit Dahlonega, Reebok, 2POOD, Kill Cliff, C2 and Progenex

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