Land Navigation Course 2023

Are you ready for anything at anytime? Do you want to learn real world skills that will expand your knowledge on how to get from point A to point B?  Looking for a kick-@ss challenge?

This is the course for you.

Three days in duration. Classroom instruction will be held near Rome, Georgia and covers navigation principles and terminology. You will also learn map reading and identifying terrain features. In order to move long distance you will need to establish your pace count and learn how to use compass.

On the culmination exercise you will navigate a challenging, long range, day and night course in two-man teams. You will carry your gear, food, and water.

The practical portion of this course will be held in the Talladega National Forest (Alabama). This is a rugged Appalachian forest that is tough to navigate. Can you find five star points in 24 hours?

The course is taught by a former Special Forces Green Beret and patterned after the famous “Star Course” that is part of Special Forces Selection training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This course is timed as a means for you to measure your land navigation skill, strengths, and weaknesses.

Land Navigation 9-11 June 2023

You will need a password to sign in to the site.

Brad McLeod with SEALgrinderPT will be in attendance and helping coach you up to the next level with fitness and nutrition.

More information on Course Instructor Edgar and OSS Solutions.

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