SEALFIT Sheepdog Training March 1-3, 2024

Last year I had the great opportunity to through the SEALFIT Sheepdog at a private course in Orange County, near San Diego, California. I learned a ton about improving my pistol shooting and ability to respond under pressure. We also drilled in Krav Maga and how to de-escalate an attack. I was exhausted at the end but learned great skills to take home to protect my family.

The cadre at that event was an all star cast with Commander Mark Divine, Rob Ord, an instructor from DEVGRU, and 1 other former Spec-Ops guys that we cant reveal their identity.

Tons of knowledge and ready to show you exactly what it takes to not be a victim.

We woke up early and went to bed late. The whole day was action packed and learning in the field.

If your like me – and you want to improve yourself 1% – you are always looking for ways to improve your game. I personally want to “Be Hard to Kill”. You should do the same.

The doors are open for our Sheepdog Training in Cameron, TX, a relentless two-and-a-half-day event from March 1-3, 2024. At this exclusive gathering, we equip you with crucial skills: hand-to-hand combat, firearm conflict resolution, urgent medical care, and preemptive attack strategies.

Our primary focus? Fear & Adrenal Stress Training (F.A.S.T). In this high-octane environment, we’ll sharpen your mental resilience for the most daunting scenarios. When the stakes soar, your peak performance is non-negotiable.

Join our ranks as a “Sheepdog“. In rural landscapes, the sheepdog stands guard against the wolves, a guardian dedicated to preserving the greater good. But make no mistake; when danger looms, it transforms into a formidable protector.

This event is for those who seek self-reliance and safeguarding their kin in any crisis. Today’s world is unpredictable, with a surge in mass shootings, civil unrest, and instability. I’m not fear-mongering; I’m being real—these incidents are happening more frequently, and the odds of facing them are higher than zero.

Ignoring these realities won’t shield you, just like an ostrich burying its head doesn’t fend off threats. It escalates the risk. So, when life’s ultimate challenge arrives—for some of us, it’s inevitable—you must prepare.

While I advocate skipping negative news for mental well-being, complete readiness is essential. The horizon doesn’t seem calmer, demanding our adaptation for our safety and that of our loved ones.

Enlist for Sheepdog Training today. Our team, including my fellow Navy SEALs, trains rigorously. We understand we’re not invulnerable, and our families lack our specialized training. We remain composed, vigilantly attuned, ready to act if the need arises.

It’s not about being worried that the sky is falling and its the end of the world. Its all about preparedness, ensuring we relish family moments, knowing we’re ready for anything. I extend these skills to you: Threat Awareness, De-Escalation, and Emergency Prevention.

Fingers crossed, you’ll never need more. Yet, learn Hand-to-Hand Combat, Tactical Pistol Shooting, Urgent Medical Care, merging all three for the grim scenario where crisis demands immediate, hands-on resolution.

Sign up now for Sheepdog Training in Cameron, TX, from March 1-3.

Seal the deal early and pocket over $500 in savings with our limited-time offers for eager participants.

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