SGPT GORUCK STAR Course Tallahassee Florida

Have you ever thought about doing a GORUCK event? Want to check your fitness for the start of 2023?

This is your time to jump in.

Team SGPT will be ruck hiking the 12 mile GORUCK Star Course in Tallahassee, Florida on Saturday February 4, 2023.

The GORUCK Star Course is a Special Forces Challenge.

Rucking (hiking with a pack) is the foundation of Special Forces training and the Star Course is the culminating exercise of Special Forces Selection. You load your backpack with the daily essentials with water and food (you can add weight). The GORUCK Cadre give you waypoints for navigation and you are off and on your way. You have a time standard to meet if you want to pass the course.

You plan your route based on the way points and then you’re off. There are no push-ups or smoke sessions, that’s not this event. It’s just you, your rucksack, your team and the miles. And it’s not to be underestimated.

The GORUCK Star Course honors our roots in Special Forces and adds a team dynamic so you can share the experience together (also a common thing in SF). Those who successfully pass will earn the Star Course patch. It will never be for sale.

Are you interested? Email brad@sealgrinderpt “dot” com

Let me know and get signed up for the GORUCK Star Course here and we can start training for this event.

GORUCK Star Course

In March of 1906, in one of his final acts as Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Lieutenant General John C. Bates signed into effect General Order No. 44 which dictated, “Throughout the year all companies, troops, and batteries will make at least one practice march each week, which for the infantry shall not be less than 12 miles.” Bates retired from active service in April 1906 having reached the mandatory retirement age of 64. He was the last Army Chief of Staff to have served in the American Civil War.

In subsequent historical documents, there are numerous attempts to decrease the mileage requirements of War Department General Order No. 44, citing that it was essentially too hard and “discouraged enlistments”. Fortunately, for those of us who yearn for a challenge, the 12 mile ruck march remains the standard in Special Forces and in the military on a whole.

Following the footsteps of our infantry ancestors plus our own Special Forces inspiration, here’s a challenge for those of you who seek such things – The GORUCK 12-Miler Star Course, the first rucking series of its kind:

12+ Miles
Teams of 2-5
10 or 20 lb Ruck Plate on your back depending on your body weight, it’s called rucking
5 hours to complete
Finishers earn the 12-Miler patch, which will never be for sale.

You and your team of 2-5 (including you) show up at the Start Point. A GORUCK Cadre will issue you a list of waypoints. The route you and your team choose will be your own, so choose wisely. The minimum distance possible will be just over 12 miles. You can expect to see some of the best sites in your city.

Prior to starting the clock, we’ll ensure that you make a successful comms check with our remote support team via text message. At each waypoint, you’ll be responsible for texting a picture of your team. This will serve as verification of your mileage, and by the end you’ll have a great album of photos to document the experience.

NOTE: This is not a Cadre-led event and there are no push-ups or smoke sessions.

QUESTION: What is GORUCK and how can it help me?

ANSWER: The main core of GORUCK is “rucking”. This is the idea of being able to carry weight for distance which draws it origins from the military. Warriors were required to carry their weapons, water, first aid supplies and food into battle.

The U.S. Army Special Forces and Navy SEAL Teams use rucking as a method for training fitness and battle readiness. Being able to move your body, gear over distance to complete a mission.

Are you ready for anything at anytime? If you are needed by your family or community can you answer the call? This event will show if you are ready or not.

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