SGPT Teambuilder 8 Weeks to GORUCK 4-1-24

Do you have a big gnarly goal on the horizon?

If you dont – this is your chance to step up and and find one.


A warrior should be ready for any challenge at anytime.  Want to get in shape and feel better? This is your chance. Get your ready for the GORUCK / SEALFIT 20X Challenge no matter what shape your in now.


8 weeks of SGPT programmed workouts emailed to you every morning at 5 am (EST).


SGPT private Facebook group where you can post for accountability or ask coaching questions.

If your not on Facebook – no problem – you can communicate with a coach via email; text; snail mail or carrier pigeon.


First prize: GORUCK Backpack (guaranteed for life)
Second prize: Jaybird Vista headphones
Third prize: Whoop 4.0 wearable
Fourth Prize: NEBO Poppy lantern $30 value
Fifth prize: Firestarter $10 value

Winners based on how many total days it takes you to finish the program and total distance ruck hiking during program.

A perfect score is 8 weeks to complete all 56 days. Now add your rucking distance. That is how you will be scored. We will create a Strava SGPT Rucking group to keep track of distance.

Only $49 for 8 weeks of GORUCK workouts
* Email every morning 5 am EST
* Workout of the day
* Daily tips to improve your life through sleep, nutrition, and clean living.
* Private Facebook group – Ask questions 24/7 with a Coach.

Program starts April 1st, 2024.

Who this program is NOT for:

Procrastinators, whiners, faint of heart, excuse makers, cry babies, wussies and posers. If my language offends you – this program is not for you. If your not committed we are not the place for you.



If you finish the program and email me your results – I will send you a fresh SGPT Patch.

If you are a SGPT Underground Bunker Member this program is no cost to you. To get the Teambuildr app you must be a member.

SGPT Members PM me and I will add you to the program.

About the Author:

Are you looking to achieve huge goals? Do you have a big event on the horizon and you want to finish the drill?

Wanting to complete a Spartan, GORUCK, Tough Mudder or SEALFIT 20X Challenge?

Are you ready to push forward and kick @ss in life, business and family?

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