Anderson vs DPMS AR-15 rifle review

Check out the Anderson vs DPMS Oracle AR-15 reviews and videos and you decide if it is good enough for your arsenal.

TIP #1:
First off decide if you are going to plink targets at the range or be using your rifle for home defense. Maybe you want to shoot varmints on the back 40. This will help you decide which accessories you may want and also your barrel length.

Anderson AM15/ HM Defense review.

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TIP #2:
The Anderson rifle bills itself as the worlds only lubeless weapon using its RF85 treatment that is in the metal. They show weapon testing 5000 rounds downrange with no lube used at all.

DPMS Oracle AR review

TIP #3:
The DPMS Oracle is about a $700 entry level rig that comes with a red dot.

Not mil-spec and not top level but it still works great. Give the weapon a good inspection once you buy it and make sure you check that the bolt carrier gas pin is staked.

Check the trigger pins and get an anti-walk pin for the trigger.

Check the castle nut on the bolt and put some lock tight on it and it should stay. Make sure the chamber is nice and smooth and not any roughness. Put in 1 inch gas rings as an upgrade. Make sure your gas block is straight.

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