Best AR-15 Magazine Reviews

Best AR-15 Magazine Reviews

There are several good AR-15 magazines out on the market.

We get this question every week “What is the best magazine for the AR-15 rifle?”

Check out the list of AR-15 Magazine Reviews on PMAG by MagPul, C Products, USGI, Tapco, Brownells and Colt.

#1 Colt AR-15 Magazine Review

What can I say? It’s a Colt GI-mag. Was shipped fast and was dirty but it works well, and at the time it had a good price. Was six years old, scratched up and dirty, but that’s OK. I knew what I was getting into due to other reviews.

Not sure this is an original colt M16 magazine.. but it sure does feel like it. It doesn’t have the follower like the pmags, so there is more room for jams. Haven’t tried it yet. But damn! Does it look good on a Colt AR. Classic AR15/M16 look. Cant go wrong with arms unlimited prompt shipping.

Rifle Ammo in Stock

#2 PMAG Magazines by MagPul

MAGPUL - AR-15 30RD PMAG GEN M3 MAGAZINE 223/5.56Exceptionally rugged, combat- and competition-ready magazine functions flawlessly, even when left fully loaded for extended periods.

These PMAGS by MagPul are corrosion-proof, self-lubricating one-piece body of fiber-reinforced, molded polymer has no spot welds or joints to impair the follower, and the constant internal curve ensures smooth, unobstructed movement of the round stack. What’s more, is these suckers have been run over by tanks and kept ticking.

Anti-tilt follower stabilizes the stack to help prevent nose-diving and bolt-over-head failures. Heat-treated, stainless steel spring is stress-relieved for optimal performance.


The E-Lander 6.5 Grendel magazine holds 24 rounds and is constructed from steel with a durable black finish. Designed for compatibility with AR-15 Mil-Spec lower receivers, these magazines feature reinforced floorplates and self-leveling anti-tilt followers for reliable feeding.

With over six decades of experience, E-Lander is known for manufacturing precision-stamped metal parts, and their magazines exceed top quality standards and IDF specifications. Heat-treated stainless steel ensures durability, while the anti-corrosion coating withstands 96 hours of salt spray. The heavy-duty floorplate and extra-power spring make these magazines capable of reliably feeding larger-diameter rounds, offering shooters unmatched reliability and performance.

Check price at Palmetto State Armory

#4 Brownells AR-15 Magazine

Today I took them to the range to test fire. I only loaded 20 rounds of WWB 55FMJ into each mag. With the price and availability of this stuff going crazy I figured 20 was good enough for now. On the other hand, this is known good ammo, running through two known good rifles.

I split the mags into 2 piles and proceeded to run them through these two rifles rapid fire. All ten tested OK, no trouble found.

GunSkins Mag Skin Camouflage Kit DIY Vinyl Wrap (Victory Specialty Pattern) Question: What is a good basic single mag pouches that I can attach to my molle vest?

Check out the Condor – Single Open top Mag Pouch

The MALICE clips on this pouch work with MOLLE gear or just to clip on your belt and go. The cost is great for under $10 and will last a long time.

#5 AR-15/M 16 PMAG Polymer Magazine

AR-15/M 16 PMAG Polymer MagazineThe PMAGs, as far as I am concerned, are the best on the market. I own a couple dozen or them.

Self lubricating, they slip right into the magazine well and the with a push of the release they drop right out. The thirty round too long for shooting over the bench? Get the twenty rounders.

The anti-tilt followers are more than just a plus, quite functional. They weather great and with the dust covers they easily store charged. Price is right also. No sharp edges to cut or mark the gun.


The MFT Extreme Duty Window Magazine has dual-side windows with numerical markers.
High visibility coil on the spring
Next Generation Long Glass Fiber Polymer
Enhanced Strength & Durability

Ribbed front and rear gripping surface
Tool-less disassembly with double floor plate safety release tabs
Long-life USGI-spec stainless steel spring
Four-way anti-tilt self-lubricating follower
Flared floor plate
Oversized bolt catch
Paint Pen dot matrix

Check price at Palmetto State Armory

#7 AMEND2 Mod 2 MAG

Check price at Palmetto State Armory

#8 Sentry HexMag Series 2

Check price at Palmetto State Armory

#9 Strike Industries

Check price at Palmetto State Armory

#10 Troy Industries Battlemag

The Troy BattleMag is a reliable and durable magazine designed to hold 30 rounds. With a sturdy construction and trusted performance, it’s a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts.

While specific compatibility questions such as whether it works with a 300 Blackout or holds .224 Valkyrie rounds can vary depending on individual needs, the Troy BattleMag consistently delivers reliable feeding and smooth operation, making it a valuable accessory for any firearm.

Check price at Palmetto State Armory

#12 ATI



Question: What are the brands you would put at the top of the AR-15 mags ratings? Tapco and Mag-Pul are good – can’t go wrong.

Question: What are you hearing about the brownells ar 15 magazine – any reviews? How good are brownells ar 15 magazines? Or what about Thermold? Check out the reviews above for AR 15 magazines you will find at Brownells. Check out Brownells AR-15 magazines here

Question: What are your favorite go to mags at the range? Tapco or MagPul flip a coin. I have both and they are great.
Question: Do you have any info on the hexmag ar magazine review? Check out the video below.

Question: how good are the caa ar-15 magazines in 2016? Check out the video below.

Question: Do you have any info on TAPCO vs PMAG? Check out the videos and reviews above.

Question: What about CPD mags? yes; they are getting good reviews. Check out the video for C products defense mags below.

Question: What about Pmags vs lancer? Or Lancer vs hexmags? We lime to test all of our gear at the range and see what works the best. We own Tapco and several other mags like.

Question: I like to shoot and own a black rifle. How can I find out more info on the NRA? Check out the NRA website here.

CAA magazine vs Magpul

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