AR-15/M 16 PMAG Polymer Magazine Review

Check out the review and comparisons for the Top 10 AR-15/M 16 PMAG polymer magazines and you decide if it is good enough to take to the range.

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Exceptionally rugged, combat- and competition-ready magazine functions flawlessly, even when left fully loaded for extended periods. Corrosion-proof, self-lubricating one-piece body of fiber-reinforced, molded polymer has no spot welds or joints to impair the follower, and the constant internal curve ensures smooth, unobstructed movement of the round stack. Anti-tilt follower stabilizes the stack to help prevent nose-diving and bolt-over-head failures. Heat-treated, stainless steel spring is stress-relieved for optimal performance.

Included quick-release magazine cover seals out dirt and alleviates feed lip deformation caused by pressure from a full ammo stack during long-term storage. Withstands the heat from prolonged full-auto fire and is not harmed by most bore cleaners and solvents. Exterior ribbing provides added gripping surface; magazine catch notch, rather than a traditional hole, keeps dirt and debris out. Easy-to-grasp ledge on floorplate aids in extracting magazine from pouches; floorplate removes easily for cleaning. Curved-body 30-Round model is also available in MagLevel configuration with windows on both sides of the magazine and a bright, orange indicator to display ammo level. Compact, straight-body 20-Round model makes a tactical rifle easier to store and retrieve from a vehicle, and provides a stable rest for target shooting. All models available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, O.D. Green, and Foliage Green.

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Question: Do you have a wall holder for your magazines that you recommend?

Yes; I really like the PMAG wall mount from Solid ABS. Its easy to install with a screwdriver or drill and it holds six mags.

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The plastic shell is much tougher and durable than most of the AR magazines I have used. Just by handling it you can tell it is very well made. The follower is fantastic too. Very smooth and if you press at any point it depresses equally, as opposed to cheaper models, thus reducing a chance for misfire. I’ve added 12 of these to my collection. Made even better with Ranger plates.

AR-15/M 16 PMAG Polymer Magazine Review
These magazines, as far as I am concerned, are the best on the market. I own a couple dozen or them. Self lubricating, they slip right into the magazine well and the with a push of the release they drop right out. The thirty round too long for shooting over the bench? Get the twenty rounders. The anti-tilt followers are more than just a plus, quite functional. They weather great and with the dust covers they easily store charged. Price is right also. No sharp edges to cut or mar the gun.

AR-15 Magazine Reviews

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