Bushmaster QRC vs Ruger AR556

Check out the reviews and comparisons for the Bushmaster QRC vs Ruger AR556 AR-15 and you decide which one is best for your arsenal.


The Ruger AR556 and Bushmaster QRC are both 5.56x45mm rifles designed for different needs. The Ruger AR556, priced at $849, stands out with its larger magazine capacity of 30+1 rounds, making it suitable for longer shooting sessions without reloading frequently. It’s made from quality materials like forged aluminum receivers and a chrome-moly steel barrel, promising durability and reliability. The AR556 is customizable with standardized M4/AR parts, allowing users to personalize it as per their preferences.

On the other hand, the Bushmaster QRC, priced at $800, offers a compliant 10-round magazine, adhering to California regulations. It’s designed for rapid shooting, ideal for quick-response scenarios like home defense. The QRC’s focus is on maneuverability and accuracy with its 16-inch barrel, promoting firearm control for precise shots.

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Additionally, it comes optics-ready, facilitating easy attachment for enhanced accuracy and target acquisition. Despite having a lower capacity magazine, it’s versatile and adaptable for different shooting scenarios, whether for home defense, range shooting, or recreational plinking.

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In summary, the Ruger AR556 provides a larger magazine capacity and customizable options, suitable for extended shooting sessions and personal modifications. Conversely, the Bushmaster QRC offers compliance with California regulations, quick-response shooting capabilities, and maneuverability, prioritizing accuracy and control in various scenarios. Both rifles cater to different needs, so choosing between them depends on individual preferences and specific use cases.

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