Larue vs Colt AR-15 review

Check out the Larue vs Colt AR-15 videos, tips and reviews and you be the judge if it is good enough for your arsenal.

TIP #1:
Decide first what you want to do with the weapon. Do you want it for home security or to get better at the range improving accuracy? Do you want to shoot varmints long range from the back of your truck? Figuring this out will help you decide what type of rifle you want and what accessories will be best.

Larue AR video review

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TIP #2:
The Colt CAR-15 is the original weapon used in the early part of the Vietnam barrel. It has no forward assist – no brass deflector. It is a no frill weapon. It has a standard bolt and bolt carrier. Front take down pin is a large screw head.

Colt AR-15 Why You Should Own The Original ‘Black Rifle’

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Question: How can I find out more info about the NRA and protecting my gun rights? Check out the NRA website here:

Question: What about the FN vs Larue assault rifle? We are working on a comparison of these two rifles now.

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