LWRC vs Core 15 comparison reviews

Check out the videos and reviews for the LWRC vs CORE 15 and you decide which weapon is best for your arsenal.

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LWRC SPR vs Daniel Defense DDM4 Range Footage

Tip #1
lwrc-ar-15The LWRC stands for Land Warfare Resources Corporation.

These weapons are very adaptable and you can add many accessories to upgrade and improve.

This rifle comes with Troy BUIS Flip-Up iron sights but you can add a red dot or whatever scope you would need.

Rifle Ammo in Stock

TIP #2
You can pick up a CORE 15 Scout for about $825 which is a basic entry level model.

CORE 15 has 16 different models with every gradation in between for the black rifle enthusiast.

Question: Where can I find out more info about the NRA? Check out the website here:https://home.nra.org

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