Militec-1 lubricant reviews

Note from SGPT: We tried out the miltec lube and grease on a recent AR build, and I am very happy with the results. The grease really put a nice barrier on certain key parts and took the grittiness out of parts that take a bit to break in, like the charging handle, safetly selector and similar parts. I also used the lube on one of my 1911s, and as any 1911 fan knows the old joke (not really a joke actually) – How do you know you put too much oil on your 1911? When it’s dripping off your elbow, not until.

That being said, I lubed up the rails and hammer sear with some of the product, and after a hundred plus rounds, I barely lost any lubrication. This is great stuff, mil-spec, and outstanding for maintenance as well as AR style builds. It’s not super oily, and holds up to heat. The grease stays on and keeps lubricating parts even with hard use and high temps.

Militec 1 REVIEW
I first used this stuff in 2000 in Basic Training. I’m not to sure what I thought of it then because I was not properly introduced to CLP until much later. During a deployment to Kuwait in 2001 while playing infantry games, my M-16 became severely jammed with sand causing me to perform the dreaded SPORTS function after each shot. Instantly I was reminded of the Supply Tech back at Ft Sill,OK raving about Militec-1 lubricant, so I looked up the company and bought a bottle.

I already kept my weapon clean using Rubbing Alcohol and my First Sergeant often took my weapon to show as an example to the Sergeant Major or the Lieutenant Colonel. I was even accused of having a weapon that had never been fired before because it was so clean.

After I started using Militec-1 on it, I was able to remove even more carbon from the weapon. Because this product dried instead of remaining wet I was able to operate my weapon properly without malfunction in the desert environment. I have used this product in 4 deployments and in 3 combat zones and survived 2 combat missions in part because of Militec-1.

Check ooy the Militec-1 4oz Lubricant @

Militec 1 review
I started using this in 2011 on an SR-25, I stripped the gun, used a heat gun to heat the parts and receiver to operating temperature. I liked it a lot. I then decided to try it on an open bolt machine gun, I did the same thing stripping the metal and using a heat gun to apply it.

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Due to my set in ways of operating machine guns wet, I could not bring myself to use this product and this product only, so I threw in some TW-25 on the rails, and automatic transmission fluid on everything else. I liked the combo so much I did it to all of the platoon’s machine guns. the carbon and build up of a 10,000 round per 240 day slides right off of the machine gun like a greased pig in a mud pit. I have used it and loved it on the following weapon systems: M249, 240B, MK-17, M4, M110, M9. I Highly recommend Militec-1 lubricant¬†for any purpose, specifically in a dusty environment.

Question: How do you compare Militec 1 vs FrogLube lubricant? Both are great lubricants and you have to find the one that works best for your weapon.

Question: What about vs Ballistol? We are testing out both of those at the range now.

Check out this video on Militec vs CLP

Question: What do you think of SEAL One vs militec lube? Or militec vs Slip2000? We are working on a comparison of those two now.

Question: Where can I find out more about gun safety? Check out the NRA website here:

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