Top 10 Burris Rifle Scopes

Check out these reviews for the best Burris scopes and you decide which one is best for your weapon.

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#10 Burris Tactical Prism Sight

The Burris Tactical Prism Sight with Illuminated 3-Color Ballistic CQ Reticle is a remarkable optic designed for fast target acquisition and precision in tactical shooting scenarios. The illuminated 3-color Ballistic CQ reticle is a standout feature, offering red, green, and black reticle options to match varying lighting conditions.

This versatility ensures that shooters can maintain target clarity and accuracy regardless of the environment. The reticle’s compact design and fixed 3x magnification provide an ideal balance for close-quarter combat and medium-range engagements. It allows for quick transitions between targets and precise shots, making it an excellent choice for both close-quarters and mid-range shooting.

Constructed with rugged durability in mind, the Burris Tactical Prism Sight boasts a robust build that can withstand harsh conditions and heavy recoil. Its compact and lightweight design adds minimal bulk to your firearm, making it suitable for AR-style rifles and other compact firearms. The crisp and clear glass offers excellent light transmission, and the fully multi-coated lenses deliver a vivid and distortion-free sight picture.

The Picatinny mount ensures secure and easy attachment to your firearm. Whether you’re in law enforcement, the military, or a civilian shooter looking for a reliable and fast-acquisition optic, the Burris Tactical Prism Sight with its 3-Color Ballistic CQ Reticle is a standout choice that combines durability, versatility, and precision for a competitive price.

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#9 Burris Fastfire III

The Burris FastFire Rifle Scope is a versatile and compact optic designed for rapid target acquisition and precision shooting. This innovative scope combines a traditional magnified riflescope with a FastFire red dot sight mounted on top. The result is a dual-optic system that provides the shooter with the flexibility to engage targets at various distances. The magnified scope offers adjustable zoom levels for more extended engagements, while the FastFire red dot sight on top allows for quick, close-quarters targeting. The ability to transition seamlessly between the two optics makes it an excellent choice for dynamic shooting situations.

One of the key advantages of the Burris FastFire Rifle Scope is its rugged construction. Built to withstand recoil and harsh conditions, this scope is made from durable materials that ensure it can handle the rigors of real-world use. The optical clarity is impressive, and the FastFire red dot offers quick target acquisition with its bright and precise aiming point. Whether you’re in a competitive shooting environment or need a versatile optic for hunting, the Burris FastFire Rifle Scope provides a reliable solution for shooters looking to maximize their accuracy and speed in the field.

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#8 Burris RT-6

The Burris RT-6 1-6x24mm Tactical Rifle Scope is a high-quality and versatile optic designed for a wide range of shooting applications. This scope offers a 1-6x magnification range, providing users with the flexibility to switch between close-quarters shooting and mid-range engagements with ease.

The 24mm objective lens allows for excellent light transmission, resulting in a bright and clear sight picture, even in low-light conditions. The scope is equipped with a Ballistic AR reticle, which is specifically designed for fast target acquisition and bullet drop compensation, making it ideal for tactical and competitive shooting.

Built to withstand rugged use, the Burris RT-6 features a robust aluminum body and is nitrogen-filled to be both waterproof and fogproof. The scope is designed to be compact and lightweight, reducing added bulk to your firearm. The integrated illumination system with 11 brightness settings ensures visibility in various lighting conditions.

The Burris RT-6 tactical scope comes with capped turrets that can be reset to zero quickly, allowing for easy adjustments in the field. This scope is a versatile option for those who require rapid target acquisition, precision at varying distances, and a durable design for reliable performance in challenging shooting scenarios. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, law enforcement officer, or an enthusiast looking for a high-quality tactical scope, the Burris RT-6 offers the features and versatility needed to excel in diverse shooting situations.

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#7 Burris Fullfield II Riflescope

The Burris Fullfield II Riflescope is a reliable and versatile optic designed to provide high-quality performance for a variety of shooting applications. Available in various configurations, one of the popular models is the Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm.

This scope features a variable magnification range of 3x to 9x, making it suitable for both close and mid-range shooting. The 40mm objective lens allows for excellent light transmission, ensuring a clear and bright sight picture even in low-light conditions. The Ballistic Plex reticle is designed for quick and accurate target acquisition, with trajectory-compensating features that make it useful for hunting and long-range shooting.

The Burris Fullfield II is built to withstand tough conditions, with a sturdy one-piece main tube construction that is nitrogen-filled to be fogproof and waterproof. The scope features a rugged matte finish to reduce glare and maintain a low profile. Its fingertip-adjustable, low-profile turrets make it easy to zero in and adjust windage and elevation settings quickly. This riflescope provides a generous eye relief, which is essential for preventing scope eye and maintaining comfort while shooting.

The Burris Fullfield II is a reliable choice for hunters, sport shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts who require excellent optics and dependable performance for their shooting needs. Whether you’re pursuing game in challenging environments or hitting the range for some target practice, this riflescope is designed to deliver the precision and clarity needed for success in the field.

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#6 Burris XTR II Riflescope

The Burris Xtreme Tactical XTR II Precision Rifle Scope is a top-tier optic designed for precision shooting and tactical applications. Boasting a 5x zoom range, this scope offers versatile magnification settings that cater to various shooting distances, providing clear and detailed views of targets. Featuring an illuminated SCR Mil reticle, it allows shooters to acquire targets swiftly, even in low-light conditions, while offering precise holdovers and windage corrections. The zero click stop adjustment ensures ease of zeroing and swift adjustment, enabling shooters to fine-tune their aim quickly and accurately during intense shooting scenarios.

Crafted with a robust and durable construction, the Burris XTR II scope is engineered to endure harsh conditions and intense usage. Its black finish adds a sleek and tactical appearance to the rifle while also providing resistance against wear and tear. The scope’s reliability and precision adjustments make it an ideal choice for professional marksmen, hunters, and tactical shooters seeking a high-performing optic that delivers consistent accuracy and reliability in various shooting environments. With its cutting-edge features and quality build, the Burris Xtreme Tactical XTR II stands out as a top-notch rifle scope for precision shooting needs.

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#5 Burris Veracity Riflescope

The Burris Veracity 4-20x50mm Hunting Rifle Scope is an excellent optical tool for hunting enthusiasts seeking precision and clarity in their shooting experiences. Featuring premium high light-transmitting optics, this scope offers exceptional clarity and brightness even in low-light conditions. With a magnification range from 4x to 20x and a 50mm objective lens, it provides a versatile zoom capability, allowing shooters to acquire targets at various distances with enhanced accuracy. Its high-quality lenses deliver sharp and clear images, ensuring a superior viewing experience while hunting.

Engineered for reliability and performance, the Burris Veracity scope boasts a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of hunting environments. Its durable build and water-resistant design make it suitable for use in challenging weather conditions without compromising performance. The scope’s precision adjustments and reticle options allow for quick and precise adjustments, facilitating accurate aiming and shooting. Whether tracking targets over long distances or in challenging lighting situations, the Burris Veracity 4-20x50mm Rifle Scope stands out as a dependable and high-performing optical accessory for hunters.
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#4 Burris Scout Riflescope

The Burris Scopes 200269 Scout Riflescope stands out as a reliable optic designed for hunting and scouting purposes. With a magnification range of 2.75x and a 20mm objective lens, this scope offers a versatile field of view, ideal for close to mid-range shooting. The heavy plex reticle ensures quick target acquisition and precise aiming, making it a suitable choice for hunters seeking accuracy and efficiency in their shots. Crafted with a matte black finish and a 1-inch tube, this riflescope is built for durability and is free at 100 yards, ensuring clearer and accurate aiming for hunters focused on scouting game in various terrains.

Manufactured in the United States, the Burris 200269 Scout Riflescope is engineered with quality and reliability in mind. Its design caters to hunting enthusiasts and scouters, offering a dependable optic for a variety of hunting situations. Whether tracking prey in dense forests or open fields, this riflescope’s robust construction and efficient optics make it a valuable asset for hunters aiming for accuracy and precision in their shooting endeavors.

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#3 Burris Eliminator III LaserScope

The Burris Optics Eliminator III LaserScope stands out as a cutting-edge optic offering precision and innovation for shooting enthusiasts. With a magnification range of 2-12x and a 44mm objective lens, this scope provides a wide field of view, catering to various shooting distances from short to mid-range. What sets this scope apart is its built-in laser rangefinder, which allows shooters to instantly calculate the exact distance to their target, ensuring precise and accurate shots. The X96 reticle, combined with a customizable trajectory, enhances accuracy by providing holdover points, making it an excellent choice for hunters and shooters seeking quick and accurate aiming in the field.

Designed to be light and compact, the Burris Eliminator III LaserScope is engineered for versatility and ease of use. Its innovative features, including the built-in laser rangefinder and trajectory compensation, eliminate the need for guesswork, enabling shooters to confidently take precise shots with optimal accuracy. This scope’s ability to calculate range and provide holdover points ensures swift and effective target acquisition, making it a valuable asset for hunters, sport shooters, and long-range enthusiasts looking for advanced technology and accuracy in their optics.
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#2 Burris Handgun Plex Reticle

The Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm Plex Reticle Pistol Scope is a specialized optic tailored for handgun shooters seeking enhanced precision and accuracy. With a magnification range from 2x to 7x and a 32mm objective lens, this pistol scope offers versatile shooting capabilities suitable for various distances. Its plex reticle ensures quick target acquisition and precise aiming, facilitating accurate shots and improving shooting performance. Engineered specifically for handguns, this scope provides clear and crisp images, enabling shooters to make accurate shots with confidence, whether for hunting, competition shooting, or target practice.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Burris Handgun Pistol Scope boasts rugged construction to withstand the recoil of handguns. Its compact design and shockproof construction ensure reliability and consistent performance even in demanding shooting conditions. With its ability to deliver a clear sight picture and maintain accuracy, this pistol scope by Burris is an excellent choice for handgun enthusiasts looking to enhance their shooting experience and improve their accuracy on the range or in the field.

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#1 Burris Droptine Riflescope

The Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex Reticle, offering a magnification range of 4.5x to 14x and a 42mm objective lens, provides versatile shooting capabilities for hunters and long-range shooters. Engineered for precision, this riflescope is equipped with the Ballistic Plex reticle, aiding in quick target acquisition and precise aiming. The reticle incorporates holdover points, facilitating accurate shots at varying distances, making it an ideal choice for hunters who require accurate aiming for different game and shooting scenarios.

Constructed with durability in mind, the Burris Droptine Riflescope ensures ruggedness and reliability for hunting in various environments. Its shockproof design withstands recoil, maintaining zero even after repeated shots. The multi-coated lenses deliver clear and bright images, ensuring optimal light transmission for improved visibility in low-light conditions. With its reliable performance and precision aiming features, this riflescope caters to hunters and shooters seeking accuracy and consistency in their shooting experiences, making it a valuable asset for both hunting expeditions and target shooting sessions.

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Runner Ups

#11 Burris MTAC no longer available

#14 Burris AR Tripler 3x Magnifier discontinued by manufacturer

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