Top 5 Best Concealed Carry Pistols under $500

concealed-carry-weapon-braCheck out the Top 5 best concealed carry pistols under $500 and you be the judge if it is good enough for you.

First off make sure that you go through proper training and get your concealed carry permit.

Knowing when to not use a weapon can be as important as when to pull the trigger.

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glock-19-girlThis is one of the more popular pistols in the world.
The Navy SEALs just moved away from the SIG and are now carrying the 19.

It does not have a safety but for concealed that is the way many shooters like it.

The GLOCK 19 semi-automatic pistol is a combat gun and not a small weapon.

The only negative may be its size but once you pull it out know that you have 16 rounds of 9mm going down range.

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m-p-shield-girlThis is the weapon I personally carry as it is slim and smaller than the GLOCK 19.

Yes; it carries less rounds with a 7 rounds in a single stack magazine.

The M & P Shield pistol feels good in my hand with the slimmer grip but you still have good length on the grip.

It does have a safety which may be a negative for some that conceal carry but it is a plus if you have children or just want to keep the pistol safe.

This is a great value at $350 and you can’t go wrong with it.

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glock-43-girl-concealThis piece is really slim and excellent for carrying inside the waist band.

The profile is great and it is a reliable weapon with a good trigger.

If you think it is too small you can add a magazine with a base pad to get you an extra finger on the weapon.

The GLOCK 43 semi-automatic pistol has Trijicon night sights and you can get it for about $399 but have seen some prices for upwards of $500.

So small it can work as a pocket carry for larger men.


kahr-cw45-girlWe like the KAHR and it has a great price at about $320. It is a great value dollar for dollar.

Yes; you can buy a SIG or whatever but that will be far more than $500. The trigger is amazing and so smooth and easy to use.

The only negative with the KAHR CW45 semi-automatic pistol is that the grip is aggressively rough which will be a problem if you carry it inside the waist band.

Get some light sandpaper and you can sand it down a little to make it wear better.

The manufacturer ask that you shoot 200 rounds or so of good ammo as a break in period.

Don’t go run some really cheap ammo through it as it will not be good.


glock-42-girlThis weapon is tiny and in the .380 model can still put a hole in the bad guys especially at close range and with good ammo.

It is very light and easy to conceal.

Women like the smaller GLOCK 43 semi-automatic .380 a lot as they can toss it in their purse and are good to go and this will get them out of trouble.

In the end you have to find the weapon that works for you.

You may be a big guy and love the .45 but for a smaller person with smaller hands this is a great option.

Question: What about the Glock vs Smith & Wesson shield?

Answer: I personally own the Glock 19 and also the Shield. In my opinion the 19 is a little too big for concealed carry unless you are wearing a lot of clothes.

I live in a warm climate so half the year I am in a tshirt shorts and flip flops. The Shield is smaller and thinner and so it is a better choice for concealed carry for me.

Question: I am worried the liberal left may try to take my weapons away – what can I do to fight this?

Answer: You can learn more by checking out the NRA’s website here

Question: What do you think about a Kel-Tec or the Skyy pistol?

Answer: I personally have a Skyy and it has done well for a weapon that is only $300.

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