Top 5 Best Concealed Carry Pistols under $500

concealed-carry-weapon-braCheck out the Top 5 best concealed carry pistols under $500 and you be the judge if any of them are good enough for you.

First off make sure that you go through proper training and get your concealed carry permit.

Knowing when to not use a weapon can be as important as when to pull the trigger.

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#5 GLOCK 19

The Glock 19 is a well-liked full size handgun known for being dependable and practical. It’s small and works by itself, and many people who enjoy guns, police officers, and soldiers, like Navy SEALs, really like it. With a 9mm size, it’s strong enough but not too hard to control when you shoot, which makes it good for different things.

What makes the Glock 19 stand out is that it’s small but can hold 15 bullets, giving both power and easy carrying. People like how easy it is to use and keep working well, no matter the situation.

It feels nice to hold, the buttons are easy to use, and it’s tough. So it’s seen as a reliable full sized pistol for hiding, work, or protecting yourself. This is a double stack gun. So you will have lots of rounds to put down range in case of an issue.

I like the Glock 19 as you can put a 33 round extended mag in it if you want. Nothing about it is concealed. But how cool is that to have the extension mag and spend time at the range. You can still pick up a base model for about $500 but any add-ons and price start to climb.

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m-p-shield-girlThis is the weapon I personally carry as it is slim and smaller than the GLOCK 19.

Yes; it carries less rounds with a 7 rounds in a single stack magazine.

The M & P Shield pistol feels good in my hand with the slimmer grip but you still have good length on the grip. shield ez

It does have a safety which may be a negative for some that conceal carry. But it is a plus if you have children or just want to keep the pistol safe.

This is one of the most popular carry guns on the market. You can still pick one up below $500 you just have to shop around.

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#3 GLOCK 43

glock-43-girl-concealThis piece is really slim and excellent for carrying inside the waist band.

The profile is great and it is a reliable weapon with a good trigger.

If you think it is too small you can add a magazine with a base pad to get you an extra finger on the weapon.

You can pick up a GLOCK 43 semi-automatic pistol with Trijicon night sights and you can get it for about $450-ish… but we have seen some prices for upwards of $500.

So small it can work as a pocket carry for larger men.

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#2 KAHR CW45

kahr-cw45-girlWe like the KAHR and it has a great price at about $320. It is a great value dollar for dollar.

Yes; you can buy a SIG or whatever but that will be far more than $500. The trigger is amazing and so smooth and easy to use.

The only negative with the KAHR CW45 semi-automatic pistol is that the grip is aggressively rough which will be a problem if you carry it inside the waist band.

Get some light sandpaper and you can sand it down a little to make it wear better.

The manufacturer ask that you shoot 200 rounds or so of good ammo as a break in period.

Don’t go run some really cheap ammo through it as it will not be good.

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#1 GLOCK 42

This weapon is tiny and in the .380 model can still put a hole in the bad guys especially at close range and with good ammo.

It is very light and easy to conceal.

Women like the smaller GLOCK 43 semi-automatic .380 a lot as they can toss it in their purse and are good to go and this will get them out of trouble.

In the end you have to find the weapon that works for you.

You may be a big guy and love the .45 but for a smaller person with smaller hands this pocket pistol is a great option. This weapon packs a punch and you can still pick it up for around $400 depending where you shop.

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Check out these pistols that did not make the list but we like them just as well.


Check out the Palmetto Dagger Compact, a 9mm pistol designed for convenience and control. Weighing just 22.4 ounces when unloaded, this compact handgun boasts a striker-fired action and a sleek overall design. Standing at 7.15 inches in length, 1.28 inches in width, and 4.78 inches in height without the magazine, it offers a balance of size and power. The 3.9-inch stainless steel barrel features a DLC coating, ensuring durability and precision with a SAAMI Spec 1:10 twist rate.

Crafted with a polymer frame, the Palmetto Dagger Compact prioritizes ergonomics and controllability. The Extreme Carry Cuts™ on the slide provide smoother edges for faster drawing without holster snags. The pistol includes Ameriglo 2XL Tall sights, a flat-faced trigger, and safety features like a striker block and trigger safety.

The Doctor Cut optics mount allows for further customization, and the package comes with a 15-round PMAG® 15 GL9™ magazine. Whether you appreciate its feature-rich standard form or seek opportunities for personalization, the Palmetto Dagger Compact offers value and performance, shipped in a Palmetto State Armory Soft Pistol Case. You can pick one up for about $350 or so.

Check price at Palmetto State Armory
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The M&P380 Shield EZ pistol is tailor-made for personal protection and everyday carry, offering simplicity and ease of use. Chambered in 380 Auto, it stands out with features that make it user-friendly for both first-time shooters and experienced handgunners. The pistol boasts an easy-to-rack slide, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Its crisp, light trigger comes with a tactile and audible reset, enhancing precision and control.

This innovative firearm comes with two easy-to-load 8-round magazines, and its grip safety requires a firm hold to fire, adding an extra layer of security. The M&P380 Shield EZ also allows disassembly without pulling the trigger, making maintenance straightforward. With features like a windage-adjustable, white dot rear sight, tactile loaded chamber indicator, and a Picatinny-style equipment rail for lights or lasers, this pistol offers a reliable and customizable solution. Whether kept on a nightstand, carried throughout the day, or taken to the range, its thin and lightweight design ensures comfort, while the Armornite® finish adds durability and corrosion resistance.

The Shield EZ comes with a thumb safety and is legal and compliant in liberal leftist states like New York, Colorado and Washington.

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Question: Why do you need a concealed carry pistol in America?

In a nation where safety concerns are on the rise, having a concealed carry handgun in America becomes a crucial choice for law-abiding citizens who value the Second Amendment. The ability to carry a concealed firearm provides a sense of personal security for responsible individuals who contribute to society through taxes and abide by the law. As violence continues to be a growing concern in the United States, these citizens argue that they should have the means to defend themselves if provoked.

For many pro-gun advocates, the Second Amendment is not just a constitutional right but a fundamental tool for self-defense against the backdrop of increasing crime rates. They believe that being armed with a concealed carry pistol empowers them to take an active role in safeguarding their lives and the lives of those around them. In their view, responsible gun ownership is a proactive stance against the challenges posed by rampant violence, allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their communities.

Question: What about the Glock vs Smith & Wesson shield?

Answer: I personally own the Glock 19 and also the Shield. These are two different sized pistols. In my opinion the 19 is a little too big for concealed carry unless you are wearing a lot of clothes.

I live in a warm climate so half the year I am in a tshirt shorts and flip flops. The Shield is smaller and thinner and so it is a better choice for concealed carry for me.

Why is it important to carry a hand gun to defend yourself in crime ridden spots in America?

Carrying a handgun for protection in places with lots of crime in America is really important. It helps people feel safe and gives them a way to defend themselves if something bad happens. In these places where crime happens more, good people should have the right to protect themselves and their families. A handgun is like a useful tool that gives a feeling of safety and helps regular folks be ready if bad guys try to hurt them.

Sometimes just having a handgun can stop bad things from happening or help if there’s a really dangerous situation. It lets responsible people look out for themselves when the police might take a while to arrive. When folks use guns the right way and follow the rules, it can help keep them safe and make bad guys think twice before doing something wrong.

Question: I am worried the liberal left and Nancy Pelosi may try to take my weapons away – what can I do to fight this?

Answer: You can learn more by checking out the NRA’s website here

Question: What do you think about a Kel-Tec or the Skyy pistol?

Answer: I personally have a Skyy and it has done well for a weapon that is only $300.

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