Precision Unleashed: A Comprehensive Dive into the Trijicon TA02-D-100391 ACOG Scope

The Trijicon TA02-D-100391 ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) scope is a highly regarded optics solution that has found favor with military personnel, law enforcement officers, and civilian shooters alike.

Known for its durability, versatility, and optical clarity, this ACOG scope has earned a reputation as a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

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Magnification: The TA02-D-100391 offers fixed 4x magnification. This magnification level strikes a balance between close-quarters and mid-range engagements, making it a versatile choice.

Objective Lens Diameter: With a 32mm objective lens, this ACOG scope gathers enough light to ensure good visibility in various lighting conditions.

Illumination: The scope features Trijicon’s patented dual illumination system, combining both fiber optics and tritium. This system automatically adjusts the brightness of the reticle based on ambient lighting conditions. It also includes a manual brightness adjustment for fine-tuning.

Reticle: The Trijicon TA02-D-100391 ACOG comes with a variety of reticle options, with the horseshoe and dot reticle being one of the most popular choices. The reticle provides rapid target acquisition while maintaining precision for more extended shots.

Eye Relief: The generous eye relief of approximately 1.5 inches allows for comfortable shooting, even in situations where you need to acquire targets quickly.

Field of View: The scope provides a field of view of 36.8 feet at 100 yards, enhancing situational awareness.

Durability: Built like a tank, this ACOG is constructed from forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum, making it shock-resistant, waterproof, and able to withstand rugged use. It is also nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging.


The Trijicon TA02-D-100391 ACOG scope is undoubtedly a premium optics solution, and its reputation is well-deserved. This optic offers remarkable clarity, allowing for precise target acquisition, even in low-light conditions. The dual illumination system is a standout feature, adjusting the brightness automatically while giving the shooter control when needed. The reticle design, especially the horseshoe and dot configuration, is highly efficient for both rapid target acquisition and mid-range accuracy.

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Durability is where the ACOG truly shines. It can withstand harsh environments, heavy recoil, and rough handling. Its rugged construction ensures that it remains functional under extreme conditions, making it an ideal choice for military and law enforcement applications.

While it’s an excellent choice for tactical use, it’s also popular among hunters and sports shooters who demand robust optics. The fixed 4x magnification might not be suitable for long-range precision shooting, but it excels in its intended applications.


The bottom line is that the Trijicon TA02-D-100391 ACOG scope is an optics solution that combines unmatched durability with excellent clarity and reticle options. If you’re looking for a battle-tested, rugged optic that performs consistently in challenging conditions, this ACOG is a top-tier choice. However, its relatively high price may deter budget-conscious buyers, but the quality and performance make it a worthwhile investment for those who can afford it.

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Question: What does ACOG mean related to rifle scopes?

Answer: ACOG stands for “Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight.” It is a brand and a type of rifle scope or optical sight that was developed and is manufactured by Trijicon, a well-known optics company. ACOG scopes are highly regarded for their durability, accuracy, and performance, and they are commonly used by military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters for a wide range of applications, especially in combat and tactical situations.

ACOG scopes are known for their rugged construction, battery-free illumination using a combination of fiber optics and tritium, and reticle designs that allow for rapid target acquisition and accurate shooting at various distances. These scopes are designed to withstand harsh conditions and are widely used in the field by professionals and enthusiasts who demand high-quality optics for their firearms.

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