Metolius Hangboard Review

metolius hangboard reviewThe Metolius Project Training Board features an assortment of climbing holds to help you increase strength and improve your climbing performance.

Holds (pockets and crimps, jugs, slopers) are arranged along a broad arc that tapers outward and downward for an ergonomic shape aimed at preventing injuries.

The Metolius hangboard tapers from top to bottom to provide clearance for your forearms and elbows when pulling on the upper holds.

Fine texture gives you just the right amount of grip. Includes complete instructions, a training guide and mounting hardware (long wood screws). Comes in assorted colors.

Video – Metolius Hangboard Review from Brad McLeod at SGPT gym

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Metolius Hangboard Review by Dad – Project Training Board:
My wife got this for me as a Christmas present. I saw it at a friends house and I’m always looking for new workout ideas and he showed me some cool moves and general core exercises you can do. Had a little difficulty installing just because some of the boards in my house are old and hard(crackling while screwing in). But it seems to hold up quite well considering I’m about 220+(mostly muscle of course)! I am looking forward to developing strength and endurance in my arms and back.

Video – Metolius Project Board workout

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Metolius Hangboard Review by Felt – Project Training Board:
I already had a spot picked out for this board so installation was a breeze. While it may not have quite as many holds as a more expensive board it does the job of strengthening your hands just fine. I almost prefer it over a larger board because it was easier to install and is less obtrusive.

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Question: Where can I get more hang board reviews for the Metolius Simulator? Check out more reviews here: Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board.

Which do you prefer with the Metolius Project hangboard vs Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board? We have both at our gym and like them both.

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