Black Diamond ATC Belay Device reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Black Diamond ATC belay device and you decide if it is good enough for your next climbing trip

I had this same belay device just like this when I first started out climbing and I loved it but it was stolen (or lets just sayed they borrowed it for a long long time) from me at a local gym. I switched to another brand and just didn’t like it as much so I came back to an old favorite! The Black Diamond ATC Belay Device works quite well, has great leverage and makes trusting your partner easier.

I love the blue color! I got it to match my harness and it’s lovely. These are strong devices and I have no doubt that it will hold up. Cost $15.88 and 85 positive reviews on with a average 5 star rating.

I started climbing way back in the day and BD has always a great choice in gear. This belay device is simple yet effective and manages to get the job done. It isn’t one of the assisted braking belay devices but for the how much it cost – you are always going to find that they have great gear. If you are in need of a trustworthy device I would recommend looking at this company as they have many different types.

Picking climbing gear is always important especially when engaging in outdoor multi-pitch climbs. Before picking my climbing gear I make sure to read reviews from other adventurers to ensure I pick a quality product. I can say from my countless hours of research Black Diamond almost always appears on the top reviews. This company has really made a name for itself and this product demonstrates why.

Question: What about Black Diamond vs Petzl belay devices? I have had a gri-gri device for 20 years and it still works great.

Question: Where can i get more info about supporting climbing access issues? Check out the Access Fund

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