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Brock Lesnar Workout

Brock Lesnar is known as one of the biggest and baddest of all of the MMA and WWE fighters. Like him or not – Brock steps up to the plate and does some crazy hard workouts. Heavy weights, fast pace and brutal cardio. Think you can hang with Brock? Read on. Brock Lesnar hardcore cardio... Read More

TITLE Platinum Professional Fight & Gym Timer Review

Check out the reviews and video for the Title platinum gym timer and you decide if it is good enough for your garage gym. The TITLE Platinum Professional Fight & Gym Timer is great for a MMA fight club or CrossFit gym. It has a large 4″ display for optimal visibility. Four adjustable volume settings from silent... Read More
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Top 10 MMA Workouts

Check out this list of the Top 10 MMA Workouts! We scanned the globe looking for mixed martial arts, UFC and grappling workouts. Yes; going in the ring to spar is a great workout. There are also many others that can massively expand your fitness to help you outlast an opponent with cardio or overall... Read More
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Clay Harvison: MMA Fighter Profile

Clay Harvison MMA Fighter Statistics Nickname: “Heavy Metal” Record: 9-3-0 Fight Style Summary: Finishing ability, submissions, standup Clay Harvison Fighter Info Fights Out Of: Atlanta, Georgia USA. Knuckle Up Fitness Instructor Upcoming Fight: Clay Harvison vs. Seth Baczynski on Sept. 17, 2011, in New Orleans. Seth Baczynski (13-6 MMA, 0-1 UFC) is now official as... Read More

Edelweiss Climbing Rope Reviews

Many of our athletes love to get outside and climb, paddle and mountain bike. Check out these reviews for Edelweiss ropes and you make the best decision for what you will use at the crag. Whether it’s a hot day in the southern sands or a cool morning at the frozen waterfall, the approach to... Read More

Top 10 Trail Running Shoes

Check out the Top 10 Trail Running Shoes from the Outdoor Retailer Show and from our list of athletes that have completed the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and GORUCK events. Whether you are starting out with your first 5k trail run or getting down and dirty with a full marathon plus – this list will... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT Interviews Pete Takeda

SEALgrinderPT: Tell us about yourself? Pete Takeda: I’m in my mid-40’s and started climbing in 1980. Over that time I started as a boulderer, progressed through free climbing, big-wall climbing, sport, ice, mixed, and now big mountain climbing. My sponsors are Marmot, Native Eyewear, and Nutriex. I’ve written a couple books and been published in... Read More
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Protected: Workout 10-26-16

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.... Read More

Active Recovery Day – 9-25-16

Today is dealer’s choice, get out, get active, get moving. Whether you go on a long bike ride, walk some local trails or in a park, go for a light jog, or do some yoga; just get loose, and mix it up. You don’t want to burn out. Whatever you do, keep it light, and do... Read More

Active Recovery

ACTIVE RECOVERY (ROW)+ STRETCH Stretch slow and methodically for 30 min. This is your chance to recover and mobilize from the previous days, and to prepare for the next evolution. Drink lots of filtered water; hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.   arm in front of chest – 5 each arm cow face stretch – 5 each arm... Read More

SEALFIT Kokoro Yoga Workout

Check out this SEALFIT yoga session with Catherine Divine at SEALFIT HQ The goal of this session is to help you recover while calming your mind and body. Check out more info about Kokoro Yoga: Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior–the SEALfit Way We believe this session will really help... Read More

800m Sprint Workout

Today we’re going to work on our speed. All these runs should be at 90%+. “800 meter sprints” – Workout 3 total rounds Run 800 meters – log time rest 2 minutes between each round Advanced: Do 5 Rounds, keeping each run within 5 seconds of each other. You should be gassed by the end.... Read More
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Active Recovery Workout

Run – Swim – Run workout Run 1 mile, Swim 0.5 mile, Run 2 miles If no pool, then row. Post times to comments.   If no rower then do.. 25 sand bag presses with 40 lb bag 25 sumo dead lift high pull with bag 25 overhead squat with bag 25 kettlebell swings with... Read More

Mammut Climbing Rope Review

Mammut has been producing top quality ropes for almost 150 years. Each individual metre of rope is produced at our headquarters in Switzerland and subjected to extensive testing. All the resulting CO² emissions are offset. Mammut’s wide range of ropes meets a mountaineer’s every need: from robust single rope for beginners to super-light rope for... Read More
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