Edelweiss Climbing Rope Reviews

edelweiss rope reviewsMany of our SGPT athletes love to get outside and climb, paddle and mountain bike.

Check out these reviews for Edelweiss ropes and you make the best decision for what you will use at the crag.

Whether it’s a hot day on a Utah tower or a chilly morning at the frozen waterfall, the approach to the crag is always better when you know you’ve got the Edelweiss Energy ARC 9.5mm EverDry Climbing Rope stashed in your pack.

Treated with SuperEverDry, this cord refuses to gain weight when you’re stuck in the humidity or drizzle.

The SuperEverDry treatment prevents your rope from absorbing water, helps the rope dry quicker, and limits stiffness from freezing. Perform 3 innovation improves flexibility and impact-force absorption, while decreasing weight. Edelweiss HD Cover technology focuses on individual thread braiding to preserve sheath thickness while smoothing rope surface. Innovative O-Flex braiding system can greatly increase the lifespan of your rope. A mid-point pattern change notifies you when you reach the halfway point during a belay or rappel. Bottom Line: Uncoil quality and unleash vertical excellence.

Edelweiss Energy ARC 9.5mm EverDry Climbing Rope
Love it. I picked this rope up for a sport climbing trip to Greece last spring where 70+ meter ropes are the norm. I’ve long been a devote of Mammut ropes, but at the time, there weren’t any available through BC.com. So, I took a chance and grabbed the Edelweiss Energy Arc 9.5mm Rope.

I’ve had the chance to climb and fall with it all summer, and I’ve been super stoked on it. 58g/m means that even at 80m, this thing is still fairly light. The bi-pattern weave has been super helpful when stringing together multiple raps. Despite the other reviewers experience, my rope is ultra smooth where the patterns come together, no issue there.

I have been climbing in the Canadian Rockies where sharp limestone is the norm and this cord has held up really well. No core shots or abrasions despite some pretty heavy use. (I’ve done plenty of projecting on this cord too, it’s not all sending 😉 Falls have been nice & soft & I love the feel of this cord. I trust this rope with my life & would definitely recommend it to others.

Edelweiss Energy ARC 9.5mm EverDry Climbing Rope review
This one has amazing handling – so if you are doing a long multi-pitch climb you will really like the feel of the rope. We did Castleton tower near Moab Utah last spring and we both were saying how much we liked this rope. It has a surprising durability so again if you are looking to do multi-pitch or a ton of sport climbing this is the one to go for. Intended use: 9.5mm is thin enough to be compact and a real weight saver, but thick enough to take abrasion and still last.

I bought the Edelweiss Energy Arc 9.5mm as a 2nd rope with the intention of using at for belaying from above on harder single pitch trad, and at multipitch areas with long approaches and a walkoff.


  1. The rope is both stiff and silky. I prefer a silky rope asit feeds well, especially noticeable when belaying off the anchor at the top of a pitch. This also means it has lower friction through your protection system, allowing you to stretch pitches with less drag.
  • The bipattern weave (ARC) allows for quickly finding the midpoint, and knowing when you’ve passed it. Great for low-light rappels or measuring pitches.
  • The sheath is a one over one twill pattern (instead of the 2/2 found in almost all other ropes). Edelweiss calls this the HD cover, Maxim calls it the “glider”. I’ve found that it reduces friction and noticeably improves wear.
  • Light weight and compact size is highly packable. This rope weighs 2lbs less than my 10.2. Thats like being able to carry an extra Liter of water. Edelweiss Climbing Rope Reviews


  • Rope is difficult to rappel on with a regular ATC – A freehanging single rope rap would be dangerous without an extra friction device.
  • Edelweiss packages their ropes awkwardly. Make sure to read the uncoiling instructions, or be prepared for a 30-45min knot.
  • Center mark braiding is bumpy and uneven. This is not the case with other manufacturers Bipattern weaves. It seems that it will catch on the rock and abrade prematurely. Edelweiss Climbing Rope Reviews

Overall, I’d highly recommend this as an all around rope for hard sport, multipitch, or belaying from above. You should get something much cheaper and more durable for toproping, and look into doubles/halves for climbs with long rappel descents.

Oxygen SuperEverDry Rope review
Great double or twin. After 20 years of climbing I can say that I prefer Mammut and Edelweiss ropes for their superior handling, long life, and excellent craftsmanship.

I use the Edelweiss Oxygen SuperEverDry Climbing Rope on longer alpine and rock routes that require double rope rappels or that wander. I like being able to use as either a twin or a double. These have seen some miles and are holding up very well.

Element II ARC 10.2mm review 
Superior Rope. Super-high Quality sheath, tightly woven to reduce wear, Ever-dry core lives up to its name and doesn’t absorb water. This rope is a super workhorse fo leads and top-ropes. Cowboy up and go for quality!

You take a deep breath as you reach the crux, and sigh with relief as you clip your trusty Oxygen SuperEverDry rope. Ideal for longer and multi-pitch routes, the Oxygen boasts a minimal impact rating of 5.5 kN, so even your biggest whippers end softly.

Weighing just 43 grams per meter and dry treated to avoid water weight, this project cord helps you reach new heights in the climbing world. Bottom Line: Inhale, exhale.

edelweiss impulse_thumbEdelweiss Impulse review
I like this cord as my new 10mm go to crag rope. It has everything I need. Not too small and not too thick.

I just got it a few weeks back and planning a road trip out to Salt Lake City.

For now the Edelweiss Impulse is seeing a ton of use at the local crag.

Question from our readers.

Question: Are you getting good reviews in for the edelweiss energy arc 9.5 review? Yes; check out the videos and comments above.

Question: What about Beal vs Edelweiss ropes? Both are great ropes so you need to decide what will be the intended use first. I would see if one of your buddies or a climbing friend in town has one that you can go out cragging with him. Try the rope out before you buy it so that you will know what you are getting into.

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