Mammut Climbing Rope Review

mamut climbing rope reviews Mammut has been producing top quality ropes for almost 150 years.

Each individual metre of rope is produced at our headquarters in Switzerland and subjected to extensive testing. All the resulting CO² emissions are offset.

Mammut’s wide range of ropes meets a mountaineer’s every need: from robust single rope for beginners to super-light rope for the professional summit chaser.

Mammut Gravity Rope Review

The Mammut Gravity in my opinion and experience is the meat and potatoes of climbing ropes. Strong, dry, has high fall ratings, and has the superdry coating. The Mammut 10.2mm Gravity is perfect for climbers who are new to the sport or are tough on their ropes.

Weight is reasonable to ropes of similar size. I also bought the Mammut 10.2mm Supersafe EVO which I think is also a great indoor/outdoor rope.

Question: My hands are always cracking from the dry weather and climbing.

What do you recommend to help heal them?

We like Climb On! Bar to help heal your cracked climbing hands.

Your digits will never feel better after you use this ointment for a few days. I personally used Climbon ointment when I was working at the climbing gym where chalk can dry out your hands and crack your skin.

Mammut Phoenix 8 mm Climbing Rope review
Super lightweight. Dry coating also lets it slide nicely. So far it is showing very little sign of wear. Mammut makes some great ropes.

The Mammut 10mm Supernova Climbing Rope
This climbing rope makes an excellent all-around line whether you’re clipping bolts or placing gear, and it comes with a bag to keep it clean and help it last longer. Unlike the lines you get in most rope packages, the Supernova packs all the performance and durability you expect from Mammut.Bottom Line: Start out right.

Super light. A surprisingly light rope for a 10mm. The rope bag isn’t really a bag, as much it is a tarp with handles. Colors are cool, hard to spot against sand stone from afar. Its also pretty flexible right out the bag. I would buy it again any day and will definitely recommend it to any friend.

What a deal. The rope is quite light for it’s size. When handling it, it almost seems skinnier than 10mm. It has a nice feel and it’s not stiff at all. The color is more pink than orange. I think bc needs to update the pictures and info a bit (though the one colors/styles picture is a pretty accurate depiction of the color). It is indeed center marked which is awesome. But the bag is totally not a bag. Like Ayers and myself said before, its a tarp with a drawcord and handles.

Not bad, but certainly not a rope bag like most people would think of. Doesn’t get very small (just a drawcord, no straps), and if you’re doing any length of a hike to get to the rocks, it ought to be put in a pack. It’s a little awkward to carry. I wish it would have come with the bag others seemed to have got. Overall though, it’s a great buy. Mammut quality at a very affordable price. A 70m option and a real bag with compression straps and I would have given this combo pack 5 stars for sure.

Mammut Supernova Rope Review
Me and a friend of mine got a pair of these ropes from a couple of months ago. We’ve been using it on weekends’ climbing days. It’s been a great rope ’til now. Also the rope bag is very useful, the tarp helps to evy the rope gets dirt. Just the nylon loops sewing seems to be a little fragile. It seems it’ll go unsticht if you put too much weight on it.

Otherwise, contrary to what appears on Backcountry Specs, the rope DOES HAVE the center marked with a pair of black bands around the center section of the rope. A great choice from a great brand like Mammut.

Question: Where can I find out more info on the American Alpine Club? Check out the AAC website here:

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