CrossFit Rope Climbing Tips

crossfit girl rope climb kill cliffSooner or later if you workout at a CrossFit gym you will hit a workout that has a rope climb.

Don’t get stuck on the ground trying to figure this one out.

A few minutes a week can slowly build up your skills so that you will be able to scale any rope.

Check out these tips on how to climb a rope.

Use your legs first and help save your arms.

Too many athletes try to muscle their way up the rope using mostly their arms and end up burning out.

Use your feet like a vice grips to pinch the rope and help hold you from sliding down.

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Tip #2
Use the dominant leg to wrap around the rope, and the rope is secured by stepping on it with the free leg.

Tip #3
Step up on the rope and use it as a ladder

Question: What is a good gym chalk to help me keep my grip when I get hot and sweaty?

Check out the Ader Gym Chalk. Chalk is good but don’t over use it… too much is really too much.

CrossFit Elite Jolie Gentry’s CrossFit Rope Climbing Tips

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* A manila rope is easier to climb than a polypropylene rope.

*Use chalk if needed and wipe sweat and grease off your hands before trying to climb the rope.

* Have a pad on the ground below the rope.

* Don’t climb the rope with a weighted vest (trust me on this one).

CrossFit Rope Climbing Technique

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More tips:
Build up your grip strength by hanging on a bar or on the rope itself.

How can I learn more about CrossFit? Check out the CrossFit website and read more.

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ANSWER: I use Athletic Greens in our shakes. It’s got tons of great nutrition—vitamins and minerals. Plus it mixes up easy in milk or water.

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