Duane “Bang” Ludwig: MMA Athlete Stats

Duane “Bang” Ludwig – MMA Athlete Stats

Record 21 – 11 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw)
Wins 10 (T)KOs ( 47.62 %)
6 Submissions ( 28.57 %)
5 Decisions ( 23.81 %)
UFC Fighter Lightweight Division
4 second knockout of Jonathan Goulet
Devastating striker with knockout power both hands and feet
Has Trained with Bas Rutten
Training now with Grudge
Wants to fight at Welterweight division

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Losses 5 (T)KOs ( 45.45 %)
5 Submissions ( 45.45 %)
1 Decisions ( 9.09 %)
Association Grudge Training Center

Duane Ludwig drinks Kill CLiff anti-inflammatory recovery drink

Height 5’10” (178cm)
Weight 170lbs (78kg)
Birth Date 1978-08-04
Age 33
City Denver, Colorado
Country United States

Duane Ludwig drinks Kill CLiff anti-inflammatory recovery drink

Kill Cliff sponsors some of the best fighters in the country, and we’re proud to have Duane “Bang” Ludwig on our team. Ludwig is a 32 year old MMA fighter that got his start fighting in Colorado and California, with a heavy hand that earned him his nickname.

Ludwig is a UFC fighter in both their lightweight and welterweight divisions. Ludwig is noted for having the fastest unofficial knockout at four seconds, as well, but dut to an error with the officials, it is listed at 11 seconds.
Ludwig started training in Muay Thai at 15 years of age, and one of his earliest trainers was legend Bas Rutten.

Ludwig’s most recent appearance was in UFC 122 in November of 2010. Originally scheduled as a prelim, one of the fighters was left sick at the last minute. This bumped Ludwig up to the main card to fight Nick Osipczak. Ludwig was relentless in his pursuit of Osipczak, repeatedly striking him, and landing grazing kicks to Osipczak’s head.

The second round was a standard mix of stand-up and takedown attempts. But the third round saw Ludwig come out strong and land a heavy left, then chase Osipczak throughout the remainder of the fight. Osipczak was obviously dazed, but refused to go down. Ludwig was declared winner by decision.
Ludwig’s next appearance is on March 26, 2011 at UFC Fight Night 24. Rest assured that Ludwig will be ready to go, ready to fight, and without any soreness from working out, thanks to Kill cliff, the world’s most effective sport recovery drink.

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