Sterling Climbing Rope Review

Sterling Climbing Rope Review

chris sharma climbWhen Chris Sharma goes climbing, he takes a Sterling Velocity Sharma 9.8mm Rope (which has a custom pattern on it that he designed), some shoes, pro, a bunch of chalk, and a good buddy to belay him while he nails another 5.15.

The Velocity rope has a stiff feel for smooth clipping and reduced drag and, with the revamped core and sheath construction, this rope remains light can still take a beating on the wall. The Velocity comes in either standard or dry (waterproof) coating depending on whether you plan on climbing in the desert or the northwest. Bottom Line: Climb hard with Sharma tied into your harness.

Sterling Climbing Rope Review– Velocity Sharma Rope- 9.8mm
I had some concerns, this being my first rope, and a 9.8mm. However, as soon as I used it, I was in love with it. It is very light and easy to clip. I was so used to a 10.2mm, that the 9.8mm felt like nothing. It is also very smooth to clip in during lead climbs. I would recommend this to anyone if they are looking for a great first rope.

The Sterling Marathon Sport 10.4mm Rope is sure to be your bread-and-butter line whether you always use the same rope or have a box full of them. Incredibly durable sheath construction and excellent handling characteristics make the Marathon Sport an ideal rope for both crag-side clip-ups and long trad climbs. The Marathon is burly enough to withstand a few routes up the Big Stone, but it is more at home protecting your butt on a long runout than dealing with jumars and hauling. Bottom Line: When you need one rope to handle all your climbs, count on the Sterling Marathon Sport.

Sterling Climbing Rope Review
Sterling Marathon Sport 10.4mm Rope
The Sterling Marathon series are great ropes. My first was the Marathon Ultra 10.8, i think, and was a real workhorse. It held a lot of falls and took a lot of drag. I eventually cut about 15 feet off each end and continued using it. Now I use it for hanging TRs. I just got the Marathon sport in green this fall and enjoyed using it just as much. For my money I’ll take a big rope that is gonna hold up, how many of us really need a sub 10mm rope?

Tie into the Sterling Evolution Velocity 9.8mm Rope for redpoint attempts, onsighting, or long routes where low weight and durability are paramount. Sterling gave the Velocity a stiff feel for easy clipping and reduced drag, and the rope’s revamped core and sheath construction give you a light rope that can stand up to a beating, whether it’s at the local sport crag or ten pitches up a granite buttress. Bottom Line: A light durable cord for hard redpoints and all-day routes.

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