Grip Strength Training Tips for Mtn Bikers

grip strength mtn bikingCheck out these 3 grip training exercises to help you improve your mtn biking. These can also help you with jiu-jitsu, wrestling and rock climbing.

#1 exercise
Bottoms up kettle bell exercise
with a kettle bell pick it up and hold with bottom up (see video below) and pull up and into the clean position. From there go to squat position and then to shoulder press position. That is 1 rep. Do about 5.

Grip Training for Mountain Biking by James Wilson

#2 exercise
Indian clubs
using a club you can put the weight in front of your body and then behind. Twist and spin. Wave your arms in circles. This will build great hand and forearm endurance.

#3 exercise for grip
Plate pinch.
with two weight plates you can press them together and pinch them in your hands. Then begin to walk with them (farmers walk). This is a great way to build up pinch strength.

Question: Can you use a fat bar as a method to train your grip strength and will it translate to mtn biking? Yes; when you grab a mtn bike handlebar it is about an inch in diameter.

Going to a larger bar (about 2 inches) will be harder to hold on to and definitely work your grip. In our garage gym we took the Fat Gripz and put them on a pull up bar. We use that larger diameter device to hang from and build our grip strength. Try it out.

Time crunched grip training for mtn biking

#4 grip strength exercise
With a thick rope 1.5 to 2 inches put rope over a bar and do pull ups. You can also just hang from the rope to build endurance. If you don’t have a rope then use a towel.

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