How to do a Prison Workout with no Weights

prison workout with no weightsKali shows how to work your back in prison. In the pen where all these workouts came from – the prisoners did it for strength and muscle. You got to be strong in case of a riot or a fight you got to be strong and fight that guy.

Prison workout #1
regular pull ups
4 sets of 10

Video – Kali shows a brief prison workout for the back and arms

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Prison workout #2
mountain climber pull-ups (to work the lower lat)
4 sets of 10

Prisoners eat a lot of calories to get bigger muscle. They have a lot of extra time on their hands so those that are productive in their downtime do a ton of reps. Kali says that is a big key to gaining muscle in prison is to do a ton of reps.

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Prison workout #3
bicep pulls with towel (have buddy pull on towel)
3 rounds of 10
tricep push with towel (have buddy pull on towel)
3 rounds of 10

You don’t need a fancy cable row system. You only need a towel, plastic bag or small chunk of rope to do towel pulls. You also don’t need much space.

Your body doesn’t know the difference if your using a cable row or a towel. It works great and builds muscle. Kali says that he ate Ramen noodles and tuna in prison as part of his diet.

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