How To Get Strong In Prison

How To Get Strong In Prison

how to get strong in prisonLifting weights out there on the streets is a little different than in Prison. You got to make sure nobody going to choke you out while your lifting a bench press. Check out how these cats show you “How to get strong in Prison”.

Prison Workout Tip #1
These lifters consume a lot of calories and bulk up in size.

Video – Prison Workout Powerlifting Competition

Power to the People!
Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American

Prison Workout Tip #2
Prison lifters lift heavy often. They pick up heavy stuff and put it back down.

Video – Powerlifting in Prison

The Naked Warrior
Master the Secrets of the Super-Strong-Using Bodyweight Exercises Only

Tip #3
Prisoners psych themselves up to lift at a higher level. Watch the videos and see how they use breathing, body slaps, visualization, positive affirmations and shouting to move to a higher level.

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How To Get Strong In Prison