Quest Nutrition Protein Bar reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Quest Nutrition protein bars and you decide if they are good enough for your next workout.

Quest Nutrition protein bar review
I was told by a coach (who trains Crossfit) who’s very health consiencious that these are the best bars out there if you want to have something on the go, or as a fortified snack.

I put down the information below to help everyone else out there choose the Quest bars that works for them:

Quest bars are all 20gm (with the exception of choco chip cookie dough that has 21gm) of protein but differ in fiber, sugar and fat content (and thus in total calories).

Some are sweetened by stevia (*) and some by splenda (+). The break-down is below:

160 cal:
chocolate peanut butter – () 5gm fat, 17gm fiber, 1gm sugar
strawberry cheesecake – (
) 5gm fat, 17gm fiber, 2gm sugar

Check out Quest Bar Americas 1 Favorite Protein Bar HERE:
Question: What about Quest bars vs Clif bars? Or Pure Protein?

Question: I need to find something to eat before I go into the gym for a workout with weights and cardio. What can you recommend.

Answer: The Quest bars are good and are very popular as a pre-workout fuel option. I like to eat one about 30 minutes before I go into the gym.

Answer: I personally like the Clif bars and pick them up at the convenience store all the time for long bike rides.

Question: I have been working out more and wanting to enter a local bodybuilding competition in the US.  Also how much muscle do you think I can gain in the next 6 months. How can I find out more info?

Answer: Check out the American Bodybuilding Federation website here for more info about getting started.

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