Caterpillar Cat S40 Smartphone review

caterpillar CAT S40 waterproof smartphoneCheck out the reviews and videos for the CAT phone and you decide if it is good enough for you to take out into the field.

CAT S40 phone review by BKT:
I really needed a phone that was indestructible for my field work as a contractor overseas.

I had destroyed an iPhone and a samsung and was not going that route again.

Another contractor buddy showed me his CAT phone which he said had held up great through two deployments.

I was sold on it and ordered the Caterpillar Cat S40 Black Rugged Waterproof IP68 Certified Smartphone from Amazon while I was still overseas.

The price is great for what you get as you know this phone will take a super amount of abuse.

Check otu the Caterpillar Cat S40 Waterproof Smartphone @

Question: What about the CAT S40 vs Samsung S6? The S40 is hands down more indestructible than the S6.

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