Danner Tachyon vs Nike SFB Reviews

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Danner Tachyon 8-Inch Work Boot Review
I will begin by saying I really like these boots. They are lightweight, and man made so they are literally machine washable. The Danner Tachyon is light and comfortable like the Nikes and Rocky C4T, but unlike those, you DO NOT feel rocks poking your feet.

Now the downside. The FIRST time I did land navigation in these boots (I’m in the Army), and had to walk through some really dense, rough terrain, the area of the sole connected to the toe began to work loose from the boot itself. I had to clean them and silicone the seam back together.

Nike Special Field Boot Review
A buddy of mine got a pair of these and he really liked them so I figured I would get a pair.  So far I am really liking them as they are light weight and perfect for my work where I am on my feet all day. Unless I have to wear a steel toe boot (like the guys in the supply warehouse) I will keep wearing these as they remind me of high top sneakers as they have a lot of cushion.

On the base I have to pull guard duty on rotation and these are good for foot patrol and hiking along the perimeter of the base.  I had a pair of bates boots but I think I like these better. I have had mine for about 4 months now and they are turning out to be durable. The only thing I dont like is that they dont have a side zipper and they can be slippery on wet concrete and tile. I think i have found my go-to shoe for around the base and on patrol.

Video – Danner Tachyon boot review

The Special Field Boot (SFB) collection is designed by Bill Bowerman and his infantry history. This was blended with athletic performance for a specialized grouping designed to meet the rigorous demands and uniform suitability of military and first-responders.
These are tactical boots with tough suede leather and nylon canvas uppers. These will hold up even at close military inspection.

The boot offers a full 8-inch collar offers protection and ankle support while the lacing system keeps your boot in place as you move.
Updated lacing system pairs laces with collar-wrapping, webbed straps and an instep eyelet that keep the fit locked in while you move. It has a quick-drying technology and a heel pull-on loop.

The boot has a breathable textile linings and cushioned textile footbed.
Foam midsole delivers lightweight cushioning while the inner rock shield placed between the outsole and midsole protects against punctures. It has angled grooves at the midfoot and throughout the sole provides stability without sacrificing foot flexion.

It has a saw-tooth design at the arch offers grip for fast roping. The boot has a sticky rubber outsole at front and hard rubber at the heel with aggressive lug design and internal rock shield.
Hard rubber at the heel strike zone absorbed and distributes shock from footfalls.
The outsole wraps the foot and is stitched around the toe for added durability.

Weight: 1 lb 0.8 oz
Shaft: 8 in

Question: What do you think of the nike sfb vs belleville mini or One Xero C320?

Answer: The SFB has received a lot of great reviews and we are checking out the mini. Here is a comparison with the Danner Tachyon vs Belleville One Xero C320

Question: What about UA alegent vs nike sfb?

Answer: Both are good boots but I would see how they fit and then purchase.

Question: What about the danner tachyon 8 gtx vs danger melee? We are working on a review for those now.

Question: Do you have a review for the Danner Dromos? Or the Danner tachyon vs mini mi?

Answer: We are trying to get a pair to try out. There are a few reviews for the Danner Dromos 8″ Tactical Boot on Amazon.

We look forward to trying out these boots and posting a review soon.

Question: Are any Special Forces units using the Danner boots?

Answer: I was issued a pair on the Navy SEAL Teams.

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