Elevation Training Mask Reviews

elevation training mask reviewsI was very skeptical of the idea of using the Elevation training mask. I grew up with asthma and so I did not want to do anything that would impair my breathing.

But I talked to a few guys at the local MMA gym and they enlightened me to a few things that made me change my mind.

With the Elevation training mask you can breathe in, making it so that you breath less oxygen, in turn making the air thinner (due to the low oxygen intake it’s similar to altitude training).

Check out the changes that significantly boost athletic performance when using the Elevation Training Mask.

The Elevation Training Mask helps to increase your lung capacity as your lungs have to work 9 times harder to get the oxygen in.

Increases anaerobic Thresholds
Gas exchange becomes more efficient
Energy Production levels rise
Mental and Physical stamina increase
Mental Focus gets better

The Elevation Training Mask has 3 color coded filters for different training levels. Check out this training mask review.

Elevation Training Mask helps condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance, your diaphragm is strengthened, surface area and elasticity in the alveoli is increased.

Elevation Training Mask will help get your breathing under control and help with lung stamina, it can be used during running, cycling (stationary for beginners) and other workouts.

Elevation Training Mask Review

One of the best training aid I have come across, I felt results in one week only. The mask comes with three color coded filters, each constricting the airflow differently; Yellow: easy, Orange: medium, Red: hard, with the less airflow. Basically, what the mask does is make the muscle in your rib-cage work harder for air, making it much easier to breath in normal conditions.

My suggestion would be to start wearing the mask around the house for a while without exercising just to get used to it. After fifteen minutes or so, change the filter to an easier one and work out. When it gets too hard, switch to the easiest filter.

Basic work out: 1) walking around for fifteen to twenty minutes wearing the red filter.
2) work out with the orange filter, if it becomes too hard, switch to the yellow. Go back to the orange to cool down after exercising. When you finally take the mask off: ecstasy !
Perfect to scare your neighbors when running with it on at night !
Perfect if you want to look like an S&M deviant.

Elevation Training Mask Review

I bought one of these masks a couple months ago to help in supplemental training for an upcoming Mt Kilimanjaro climb (19,340ft). I live in the Midwest U.S. so any real altitude training is over 1,000 miles away from me. I was skeptical before buying it and had read all sorts of reviews and forums about altitude training.

I ended up using the Elevation Training Mask regularly for 1 month before i left for the trip and i did anything from wearing it for an hour while watching tv, to wearing it during part of my regular training routine.

I have no doubts whatsoever that the Elevation Training Mask works and that it helped me successfully summit. When I bought it I planned on just reselling it on amazon or ebay after my training was done, but now I’m so convinced about its results I’m keeping to use during regular exercises and training for other upcoming trips.

Elevation Training Mask Review

I saw this video of Sean Sherk working out with the Elevation Training Mask and had to have one.

All I can say is that I’ve never been so exhausted in my life after using the mask during my last 2 workouts.

My endurance for basketball is already twice what it was and I’m just getting started. This is a must have product for any athlete!

Elevation Training Mask Review

I train in mma and seen some videos of the Elevation Training Mask so I tried it out and it is crazy. if it takes you awhile to get your cardio going this will definately speed it up nomatter your fitness level. there is a cap on the left side of the mask when your looking at it and it is for drinking through and is no use if your doing elevation training( I contacted them wondering what it was). it fits great and isn’t uncomfortable. The Elevation Training Mask also came with 3 sanitating wet naps to clean before use.

Elevation Training Mask Review

this product is great i believe that not only will the Elevation Training Mask give you better fitness, but could help you to live longer(maybe im crazy) i was stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado I didnt really have to adjust to altitude as ran a 2 mile in under 14min i could have went faster i put on the mask w/red cap took it off immediately thought someone put a plastic bag over my head, i use the yellow cap i workout in house or in 85-100 degree garage and do 15min bike 3-3minrds, each of j-rope,shadowbox ,slip,and go up and under for hooks,speed bag,and 3 on heavy bag,then i do at least 50 min on basics for isshinryu karate(15 blocks/punches/9 differ kicks) and katas,jumping jacks and abs, and finish it off with at least 10 kicks on bag of as many different ones as i can, around 300 different kicks/3 different stances/each stance done in a conventional stance and a southpaw stance one r/leg forward all the kicks/L leg back all the kicks then switch then done w/that stance thats around 110 kicks both legs combined,no do the 2 other stances around 200 more total for each leg)if i get to a point that day then the mask is off, you feel a difference you cant punch or kick like you would w/o the Elevation Training Mask jumping jacks,jump rope all harder and this is just w/yellow cap imagine doing this w/a differ cap i cant wait for the day to do a boxing workout w/it at boxing practice,wish could use for judo but not practical if grabbed around head or grappling.

I didnt realize how good of shape i was in in the military and living at such high altitude but with the Elevation Training Mask i do i can actually sit w/red cap on the mask watching tv or stretching for 10 min now after that get a little dizzy i sorta want to see how many jj i can do w/it before i fall out.

If you want to quit smoking this training device is a good way to go.  quit i quit about 11 months ago only smoking when hanging out w/neighbor now not even then (i noticed a differ in breathing by stopping) this i believe will make your lungs even healthier even faster, if your in to fighting,martial arts,mma, or have a child in one or swimmer or wrestler get this for them if they sucked last season given at least 3 months of good training before practice starts then use the Elevation Training Mask right before and during season i believe you will see great improvement (if they run,do cals,practice moves,lift,do compound lifting,do circuit training w/and w/o weights,sprints,plyo exercises,and push themselves)

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What is the lung trainer – is it similar to the Elevation mask? Can I use it the same way or is it different? The lung trainer is a smaller version and is not a mask that goes all the way around your head.

Question: Can the elevation mask be used without exercise? Yes; you can adjust the mask and sit on your couch and watch TV if you like. But you will get the most benefit if you exercise.

Question: Should children use altitude training masks? I don’t think that is a good idea.

Question: In the military can i wear my elevation training mask? You will not need to.

Question: Can I run 6 miles with the elevation mask? Check out the reviews above as it has been done but you will want to start out just walking to get used to it before you go on longer runs.

Question: Is the elevation mask recommended for kids? No.

Question: Will the Elevation Mask make me faster? It will build your lung power so you will not get as tired out and be able to move faster.

Question: How often should i train in my elevation mask? Start out slow and build yourself up – don’t try to do every day at the start.

Question: does the elevation mask help you get shredded? It will help you burn calories which will in turn make you look more shredded if you work out really hard – daily. Getting shredded is more about proper diet and then training in the right manner.

Question: “when will you notice a difference from wearing the training mask?”. Depending on the level of workout within one week you will feel difference.

Question: Can you swim in an elevation mask? I would not try swimming in an elevation mask.

Question: Do you know any Navy SEALs use elevation mask for training? Yes; there are several SEALs that use the training mask for conditioning.

Question: Can you lift weights while wearing elevation 2.0? You can but be careful.

Question: Do any Special Forces guys use the elevation training mask for training? Yes; we have seen several Spec ops guys using the mask.

Question: I am going to be in Crested Butte, Colorado next week for spring break. Really wanting to take advantage of the high elevation to get myself into better shape. Any suggested workouts or suggestions for while I am up there? Thanks again.

Answer: Take it easy on your first day or two. Do not try to go out in the first few hours and hike a high elevation peak. Slowly get acclimatized to the new elevation and add in a hike or go skiing.

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