Gear Review: Outdoor Tech Kodiak Battery

We just purchased an Outdoor Tech Kodiac battery before the holidays and are currently testing it in the field.

The purpose of my purchase was to get a lighter battery with more life for upcoming long endurance off road bike races (think 3 days).

I needed it to charge up my cell phone for communication and occasional navigation and also to top off my bike lights (bontrager).

I purchased it from the REI Atlanta store ($40.00 cost) but you can also check it out on the REI online store.

Check out the Outdoor Tech OT2600 Kodiak 2.0 Battery @

I learned about this product while riding on the Cross Florida off road bike race (CFITT).

I used this battery loaned to me by a friend on a bikepacking race. I liked it so much I went out and bought one for myself.

You can read my notes from that ride here:

My Goal Zero had died and my riding partner had an extra battery and let me charge up my phone and top off my lights.

The photo to the left is when I plugged into the OT charger and got some extra juice.

I decided to check it out when I returned from the bike race.

So far I have used it to charge up my phone but have not tested it in a remote area (overnight in an off grid spot) where I really need it.

I have also used the light which has is activated by a small button on the panel.

The battery comes in a rubber case that can be sealed at the top to keep moisture out.

It has two output connections which is a plus if you are trying to charge a phone and a light at the same time.

The input connection is a standard USB connection.

My goal is to take it on the Huracan 350 off ride bike race in February and really give it a test.

This is a rechargeable, 6000 mAh lithium polymer battery.
It has two USB ports and is fully waterproof when the top

How Can it Help You?
Toss it in your backpack for a long weekend of hiking or off the grid adventure. This product could be considered a survival go to and help you keep communications charged up and ready to go.

Question: How do you compare the Goal Zero vs Outdoor tech batteries?

Answer: The Goal Zero has held up well in the field but I need to get it checked as i believe it is not up to full capacity after a year plus in the field. A fresh battery out of the box always beats a tired battery that has seen a lot of use. My Goal Zero battery finally died in March 2023 after several years of good use.

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