Goal Zero Venture 30 battery review

We received a Goal Zero Venture 30 battery and immediately put it in to use as part of our every day carry (EDC).

This battery has a capacity of 30Wh, 7800mAh (3.6V) and hooks up easily to USB.

It comes with a thick charging cable but my kids yanked on it and bent the metal piece and it was done.

I throw it in my backpack and have been using it for backpacking and long endurance off road bike rides. It only weighs 8.8 ounces (250g).

I have hooked it up to a solar panel and it charges as long as the sun is out.

They say it is waterproof and I believe it as I have taken it on many long bike rides (Trans North Georgia TNGA race) where I have been rained on and it still works fine.

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It has a flash light imbedded in the charging lights and I have used it more than once to find my keys in my truck or get into my house.

What We Like:
It is dependable and not effected by rain and weather.

What We Don’t Like:
The metal bit on the thick charging cable bent and we could not use it.

Question: Would you trust this battery in a situation where you are off the grid and need extra juice?

Answer: Yes; absolutely. I have personally used the GZ products on multiple occasions in the field and they are my go to cache.

Question: What about Goal Zero vs Outdoor Tech?

Answer: We are currently working on a review as we used an Outdoor Tech battery in the last off road endurance bike race (300 miles). You can read the report from that event and the gear used – here:

I purchased this battery in January 2018 and it is still going strong in April of 2020.

In the past 2 plus years I have completed several long bikepacking races to include the TNGA 300, Vista 300, CFFIT 290 and Huracan 300. I used the battery to recharge my Iphone and headlamp batteries.

The battery finally died in March of 2023. That is 5 years of use in the field. I would purchase another one of these batteries based on these past years of experience.

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