GoRuck GR1 pack review

goruck gr1 pack reviewGR1 GoRuck pack review
Guaranteed to Last. I’ll be honest I got sticker shock the first time I looked at the GoRuck GR1 pack, but having owned one for a while now I am satisfied with my choice. The bag is practical, and extremely tough- built to be beat up, and the SCARS warranty that comes on them is outstanding.

After 3 GORUCK Challenges, and numerous training rucks carrying 30-40lbs of bricks in the bag I had an issue with the shoulder straps on my bag, I sent SCARS an email and they sent me a shipping label to send it in for refurbishment.

I put a real beating on this gear- it doesn’t come apart, and if there is an issue they stand behind it 100%. That kind of quality and customer service is worth the $$$ in my opinion

GoRuck GR1 pack review
Great..with a catch, This is a truly awesome pack..indestructible and smartly designed..the one catch..it is not ergonomically designed (like backpacking packs) to carry heavy loads..you will feel it after several hours..I have been an avid hiker/mountaineer for over a decade..50 pounds in this pack is not comfortable..but..doable..

Just picked one up. So far it’s the best backpack I’ve ever had. Well thought out, indestructible, super high quality, comfortable. Lots of Molle straps for personalization of the pack. Very expensive, but with the SCARS guarantee, you’ll only need to buy one ever. 10/10, been recommending it to everyone

You will want to add a hydration bladder for this pack.

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