J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight review

Check out the reviews and video for the J5 tactical pro flashlight and you decide if it is good enough for your bug out bag.

I admit, when I first ran across the J5 Tactical Flashlight on Amazon I was a bit skeptical.

Some of the reviews aren’t so great, and the price is awfully low for the level of quality they are advertising.

Regardless, for the price, I decided to pull the trigger and give it a try.

I am really glad that I gave it a try. For the price and amount of lumens (300) that iit puts out – it is really a good deal. This little light is is wonderful!

It easily fits in the palm of my hand and only weights about a pound, so it’s very easy to use one handed. Also, the J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight is very bright, especially considering that it only runs on 1AA battery. How long the battery actually lasts is still up in the air, but I don’t see that as a deal breaker seeing as I can easily slap a rechargeable AA in there and not have to worry about buying new batteries all the time regardless of how quickly it drains.

I know that it lasts at least a few hours with moderate use because I’ve been playing with it since I got it. I have attached three photos to this review to show the power of the light. The first two are of it shining against a wall in my kitchen from about 4 feet away in FULL DAYLIGHT.

They were not taken in a darkened room, but at about 2 in the afternoon next to a window…and it’s still that bright! The third photo was taken in my furnace closet to show the power in a darkened area. Again, the light was about 4 feet away and about a foot or two above the camera facing down at the furnace.

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