Lowa Uplander Boot Review

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The Lowa Uplander Boot is no longer made. I recommend the Lowa High Rise boot.

The Lowa High Rise is versatile and rugged choice for those who require durable outdoor footwear designed for hunting, hiking, and demanding outdoor adventures. This comprehensive review provides an in-depth look at the specifications and features of the Lowa Uplander Boot.


  1. Material:

Upper: Full-grain leather and Cordura fabric
Outsole: Lowa “Scheibel” rubber sole
2. Weight:

Approximately 34.6 oz (980 grams) per boot (Size 9)
3. Design:

Style: Mid-cut hiking and hunting boot
Protection: Reinforced toe and heel for added durability
Lacing System: Traditional laces with open hooks and eyelets
Insole: Climate Control footbed for moisture management and comfort
Outsole: Lowa’s proprietary rubber sole with an aggressive tread pattern
4. Fit and Comfort:

The Lowa High Rise Boot offers a comfortable and secure fit. The full-grain leather upper is both supportive and flexible, and the Climate Control footbed helps manage moisture and maintain comfort during long treks.
5. Performance:

These boots are designed for a wide range of outdoor activities, including hunting, hiking, and trekking. The robust construction, reinforced toe and heel, and excellent traction make them suitable for rugged terrains and challenging conditions.
6. Ankle Support:

The mid-cut design of the Uplander Boot offers ample ankle support, reducing the risk of injuries on uneven or rocky terrain.
7. Waterproofing:

The Uplander Boot features a Gore-Tex lining for waterproof and breathable performance, keeping your feet dry in wet and muddy conditions while allowing moisture to escape.
8. Durability:

Lowa is known for its commitment to durability. The combination of full-grain leather and Cordura fabric ensures these boots can withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and constant use.

The Lowa Uplander Boot is a high-quality, rugged outdoor boot designed to meet the needs of hunters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It blends durability, comfort, and performance, ensuring that it can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.

Materials and Durability:
The combination of full-grain leather and Cordura fabric in the upper construction ensures the Uplander Boot is both durable and flexible. These materials are known for their resistance to abrasion and provide ample support during demanding outdoor activities.

Design and Fit:
The Uplander Boot boasts a design that emphasizes both comfort and support. The traditional lacing system, with open hooks and eyelets, allows for a secure fit. The Climate Control footbed adds moisture management and comfort, which is crucial for those who spend extended periods outdoors.

Performance and Traction:
These boots are built for versatility and excel in various outdoor activities, from hunting to hiking. The Lowa “Scheibel” rubber sole provides excellent traction and grip on diverse terrains, offering stability on wet and dry surfaces alike.

Waterproofing and Breathability:
The inclusion of a Gore-Tex lining ensures that these boots are waterproof and breathable, a significant advantage for those who may encounter wet conditions. The lining keeps your feet dry while allowing moisture to escape, preventing discomfort during extended wear.

Ankle Support:
The mid-cut design of the Uplander Boot provides critical ankle support. This feature is particularly essential for traversing uneven and rocky terrains, reducing the risk of injury.

Lowa Uplander GTX Hiking Boot Review
1st pair of Lowa boots. I purchased to replace a pair of “waterproof” Keens who’s waterproof membrane failed. Firstly, the Lowa Uplander cost about $150 more than the Keens I had and the quality of the product shows.
All seams are very well stitched, no excessive threads and the boot was amazingly comfortable right out of the box, although they are quite stiff in the ankle area due to the almost full leather upper.

The boot itself is built on a last that is fairly narrow. I need a narrow boot and the Lowas are quite a bit more narrow than the Keens I had so it allows me to get a size that is a bit longer and gives my toes a bit more room. Even with the forefoot being quite stiff in the upper due again to the full leather, the fit keeps the foot from sliding forward on steep descents.

I took the Lowa boots out for a test hike (just 8 1/2 miles) pretty much straight out of the box. The only thing I did was replace the insoles with a pair of moldable “Sole” brand insoles and then headed out.

For a pair of Gore-tex leather boots they were very comfortable in the 90° with 70% humidity day. Feet were not swampy at all.
The boots gave me only MINOR hot spots, top of right heal and side of right small toe. Both very minor and since they were pretty much straight out of the box, I expected more!

The boots are very stable as far as ankle support. They don’t offer the support a true backpacking boot would but they have more support than a combat style boot and way more than a 6 or 8″ light hiker.

The grip was very good from the sole. The compound seems a bit harder than the Lowa Zephyr but softer than a mountain boot.

All around I feel that these will fit the bill for what was looking for: a waterproof, supportive, durable boot for fall and winter hiking, camping and hunting that will last a few years.


In summary, the Lowa Uplander Boot is a durable and versatile outdoor boot suited for hunters, hikers, and all those who seek reliable and comfortable footwear for demanding outdoor adventures. The combination of high-quality materials, waterproofing, and impressive traction makes the Uplander Boot a valuable choice for those who value both performance and longevity in their outdoor gear.

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